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Tuesday 8 September 2015

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On Tuesday afternoon at Woodridge we had a team of 6 members which was a blessing to be able to split up and talk to people in a larger area was great. There was much conversation had and we were able to share the love of Jesus Christ despite our sinful state.

I spent the first while talking to some Mormons and they are very adamant in what they believe, they take many singular verses from the Bible pull it out and use to to justify and defend things like a previous spiritual world, the option for salvation after death and different levels of Heaven.

It breaks my heart that they are convinced of their falsehood and greatest of all the blaspheme God in saying that we can please Him with our deeds and that Jesus Christ's death was not sufficient, we must also earn it by works.

Please pray for the many who believe this, please pray that these two and many others can hear the truth of the Gospel and walk away from trusting in Jesus + Themselves and turn to trust in Jesus ALONE and His perfect work for their salvation.

We also talked to some of the usuals, there was a young man who we had talked to a few times who has been reading the Gospel of John and we have invited him to a local youth group to encourage him in the faith.

I finished off the evening by talking to two young men who were relatively drunk, they kept pulling up problems, throwing out many objections they had but wouldn't accept this answers, they wanted to live in unbelief so that they could do what they wanted to do

I challenged them about the reason they didn't want to believe, was it because of their desire to live for themselves and they both admitted to that being the reason.

This breaks my heart, for Christ has died for sinners such as us and they still don't want His salvific work.

Please pray for those who took tracts, there were many who left with tracts, many who we had short encounters with and some we talked to and discussed the things of God with, please pray that God changes lives, that he changes the hearts of the many people in the area.

Please pray that the fruits of this evangelism become widely shown, that many want to be saved, that many people hear the good news and turn in repentance trusting in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness and payment of sin.

Please pray for those who are damaged by the effects of alcohol and drugs that they may desire to turn from these harmful ways and live a life Holy and blameless because of a miracle of salvation worked by the Power of the Holy Spirit!

Please keep many in prayer.

Also please keep the team in prayer, I found myself getting frustrated yesterday as I talked to two different groups, I lost sight of the fact that we all need the Gospel, I lost sight of the Grace of God in my own life that I didn't deserve salvation just as much as they and I had got into argument winning mode rather than Gospel sharing.

Please pray for the team that we can stay vivigilant in remembering the place from where I came and it is only by God's power that we are who we are!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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