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Thursday 10 September 2015

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At Sunnybank on Thursday it was a beautiful afternoon, we were given a display of God's common Grace that all people were able to experience His blessing of good weather.

There was only a few of us at the outreach, but the Gospel still went out, though we were limited in some forms by numbers, God is still supreme and sovereign over who we talk to, who will hear the Gospel and who will take a tract.

I talked to a young man first who was on his way home from school, he has almost finished High School and is excited about finishing.

I asked him where he will spend eternity if he was to die tonight and he said he wasn't sure. He thought Heaven but didn't know.

We compared him to God's standard of perfection and just like me, he too had fallen completely short of God's standard.

He said this worried him and started offering ways to fix it. But after we discussed the flaws in each of his plans he started to feel a bit helpless, having no idea how he could go to heaven or have his sin paid for.

So I offered Him the Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ and His salvific work offered in Christ's perfect life, death, burial and resurrection and though he at first wasn't grasping the magnificence of it, he still wanted to earn it after a little while he understood he could not earn it at all.

That freed him a little but I explained that saving faith will change you and you will want to honour God not to earn salvation but in gratefulness for what He has done for us.

I also talked to a young boy, named Josh who correctly articulated the Gospel, he knew we were all sinners, he knew that we can't do good to get to Heaven and he knew that Jesus Christ was the only way, by asking forgiveness for sin and trusting in Jesus Christ's payment for sin we can be saved.

And surprisingly he was able to very well articulate it, may this young boy grow up and believe what he knows!

Please keep all who heard the Gospel in prayer, for the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation!

Please pray that many more may want to join us! That local churches will encourage their congregations to go out and proclaim the Good News to the lost!

Please pray for the team as we head out around the area, that we boldly proclaim Christ and Him crucified in Love, sanctifying Christ as Lord so that we can give a defense for what we believe and present the Gospel accurately and without offense in the delivery but only in the message.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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