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Friday 18 September 2015

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On Friday at the Gold Coast we had an interesting night, praise the Lord that we had ten labourers out. The team is slowly sitting, more constantly, higher but there is always a need for more!

The mall was quieter than usual which was weird for a school holiday period but it may be that it will be very busy next Friday.

The team split up around the mall, preaching, handing out tracts and trying to start conversations. Praise the Lord many were able to hear the good news.

I talked to a man named Livio, he professed to be a Christian but also admitted to living in unrepentant sin, he said that God has saved him and now he is under Grace not Law.

It was very sad to hear, sure enough he was out for a night in the clubs. It is conversations like this that break my heart, I challenged him with Matthew 7:13-14 and 21-23 and he was relatively apathetic to it, he said he knew he was getting to heaven and that was all that mattered.

I soon after talked to Will, another young man out for a night and desiring to sin, he said that his parents were Christians but he didn't like the Law that came with God.

So he had tried to discard both but said he was still an agnostic.

I then talked to an older couple, who were both very certain that they were good enough to deserve Heaven, the problem was that they thought it was works based.

I challenged them on the Gospel, that which Christ proclaimed and they said they believed it but still said they were justified by works.

Interestingly after a small amount of conversation they were talking about how they were too old to change now, it was sad to hear, the pride had set in, change, that would require admitting being wrong for so long.

I talked to a young couple Ash and Mirin, they mentioned previously attending a Catholic school, I was able to discuss with them salvation, the Bible and the things of God.

They started off not really wanting to talk but by the end were asking questions and engaging.

They both said it was something that hadn't given much thought to but said they would have to now.

I also talked to a range of drunk guys, who in groups made different claims anywhere from having a day off from Christianity, or were Catholics or Jews.

It is awfully sad to see the state of this world, the desire to sin and the lack of consideration many have for their eternity.

Please keep the lost we talked to in prayer, please lift them up to God, the author of salvation, the loving and merciful God who allowed for us, wretched sinners to be saved.

Please pray that God's Gospel pierces their hearts and that God may use this encounter as a way to bring them to repentance and salvation.

Please also pray for the team that they are able to seek continually for God's glory and are able to remain humbled by the Grace of God and able to prayerfully consider His word.

Also pray for the team, that in coming evangelism hours they are able to remember from whence they came, to sanctify Christ as Lord and to be able to in Love, without sacrificing truth be able to present the Gospel.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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