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Tuesday 6 October 2015

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Woodridge evangelismOn Tuesday afternoon it was still relatively quiet at Woodridge Train station, the area had the normal lingerers but there was still less people coming off the train.

The weather though made up for it, with a scorching 32degrees, God knows what heat it, praise God that we have been granted with the ability to have water, clothes, showers and the other wonderful blessings that make the heat bearable!

Woodridge is a very interesting place, one of the very few places where someone can say to you that they are a 'born again' Christian and have no idea of the Gospel, or who Jesus Christ is.

We talked with a young man named Junior, when we asked him if he deserved to go to Heaven he promptly replied that he did because he was a born again Christian. When we asked him what that meant, sure enough he had no idea.

He started to explain that he was pretty good and listing his good qualities and works, like a resume to allow him to enter Heaven. We tested him with the Law of God and sure enough, like the rest of us he had fallen miserably short, just like us his resume before God deserves nothing but condemnation.

Logan evangelismWe talked about what ways might get us to Heaven, he started talking about stopping sin, doing good things and helping people. We talked about how the debt of sin needs to be paid and how that might be paid, he offered a few suggestions that wouldn't get anyone of us closer to God then explained the Love of God to him.

The amazing love, that God loved us while we were yet sinners, Christ died of us! He said that sounded interesting, he had never heard of Jesus' sacrifice being to pay for sin and he was interested in it.

We left him with the encouragement to read his bible when he got home and to consider where he was spending eternity.

We also talked with Alex, a young man who attended a local Seventh Day Adventist Church. He professed to be also getting to Heaven by his goodness.

We looked at him and in all seriousness asked him, "What goodness?", he tried to give an account of his goodness but like us all before God had nothing to boast in, for our sin always outweighs our good works, infinity to one.

We discussed with him the ways that he might be made good or become perfect in the sight of God. He said he wasn't sure. We asked him if God had made a way did he think he'd want to respond to that?

He answered affirmatively, of course he wanted to go to Heaven, so we offered the message of the Gospel, the salvation of Jesus Christ.

He said he too would have to consider it.

Please praise God that we were able to share the Gospel, that us, lowly servants were given the great privilege of preaching the way of salvation.

Please thank God that there were people who heard the Good News, many who took tracts and others who heard snippets. Please pray for those who aren't yet saved that God shall bring them to salvation. May the Gospel of Jesus we preached on Tuesday be part in their salvation that they may dwell on the truth of it and desire to surrender to Christ!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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