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Friday 30 October 2015

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On Friday evening the team made their way to the Gold Coast to the share the Good News. Since this is a 'party district' many people were out seeking the pleasures of sin for a season. 

Tonight, the team was able to engage many people who had different beliefs about God, salvation and life. Yet, even though we spoke to people from many backgrounds the message of the Gospel remained the same. 

It doesn't matter where someone is from, or what they believe. They all need to hear the truth that we have sinned against God, yet, God in mercy sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for His people; to take the punishment we deserve. Then, three days later, the Lord Jesus rose again from the dead, and now He commands us to repent and believe in Christ. 

From the start of the night things were rather interesting. Early on a man came up to Ryan and was complaining about hearing the preaching and seeing the Scripture signs. Please pray that the Lord would soften this man's heart and bring him to faith. 

Matt had oppurtunity to talk to a man named Frank who was very angry. Frank claimed to be a Christian, yet he was swearing and yelling. Then he would say that he loved what the team was doing. 

After awhile he left, but returned a few hours later, this time with a sign he had stolen from a cafe. He then placed the sign right in front of us and left. We were able to return the sign later on. 

We also talked with Rodger, a man who was a Jehovah's Witness. He made claims about the Jesus he believes in not being divine and being created. We were able to talk with him about what the Bible states in Isaiah 9:6, John 1:1-3, Philippians 2, Matthew 16, Revelation 1 and a range of other places about Jesus being God. Upon hearing these verses he started to get a bit squirmy; with no defense from the Bible for his position he said he had to leave.


We were also able to speak to a young man named Jayden who is a Maori who had never heard the Gospel before. He didn't know the way to Heaven but had just assumed it was a default position that all who die go to Heaven. We asked him about Hitler and Stalin and others like them, do they go to Heaven?

Upon hearing this his position changed. He realised that not everyone will go to Heaven. From this point we were able to talk about God's standards and how not everyone will be in Heaven. 

After covering a lot of the basis for the need of the Gospel and understanding our sin, he said he was concerned that he wouldn't be going to Heaven. 

We were then able to share with him the Good News. That the way to Heaven is only through trusting in Jesus Christ and what He has done. 

Jayden said that was the first time he had heard this message and would have to consider it. Please pray for Jayden that he will consider the truth and put his trust in Jesus Christ!



Please pray that all whom we talked to will heed the warning message and trust Christ alone for salvation. Please pray that those who took tracts will read and consider the importance of the Eternity.


Soli Deo Gloria!

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