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Sunday 29 May 2016

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It’s starting to get a touch cooler at Wello on a Sunday arvo, but it was very pleasant none the less as we prepared for another adventure at one of our favourite witnessing places. The tide was almost high and yes you may have guessed, there were more people to hand out tracts to and chat with.

We are so privileged to be able to have such a great opportunity to reach out in our local area, as all of the Wello team live here in the Redlands. We welcome any more workers, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. We experience so many open hearts, there are many that reject the message too but God is always glorified because it is His work.

Today we handed out a good number of tracts and had some short conversations, Gordon talked with an Indian guy (Mandi) who asked what the card he received (tract) was all about. Gordon told him that it was info about going to Heaven, he said "Oh" and started to walk off but Gordon followed with a few more questions which kept the conversation going, and Gordon took him through the law of God. Mandi didn’t seam too concerned about the message but took a comic tract that explains the gospel a little more in-depth and a Gospel of John booklet. We pray the Holy Spirit convicts him of his sin and leads him to salvation.

Also one lady that Lee- Anne talked with was very happy and was smiling and thanking her as she walked off.

The ladies on the team each got to chat with members of a family from India and encouraged them to believe in Jesus as He is the only way to heaven. We explained about God's law and how its the perfect standard we cannot keep. They took the cartoon tract and the way to heaven tract, the children also wanted to take one too. There was a group that the girls tried to chat with but one of the elderly men was really offended as we tried to reason with him. He told us he was turning his back on us, so we just pray that something we may have been said that God will use to convict him.

As the ladies returned back to the rest of the team, a man and an older lady went to take a tract from Gordon. As he did this, he reached into his pocket and gave Gordon one of his tracts that he hands out .This man’s name is Arthur and he looks after a lady that is in a home where he works. Both of them professed to believe and they were very excited to chat with us, Gordon and I checked Arthur and he seemed to be a true believer, based on his knowledge of the gospel. However, his gospel message seemed to be a bit soft and lacked sharing with people the bad news about God’s judgement for our sin and their need to repent. So I helped him to see this is a loving thing to do to warn people of hell and point them to our saviour to rescue them from the punishment that we all deserve and how Jesus paid our fine for our law breaking (sin).

Arthur and Margaret were needing someone to listen to them as they shared some hardships they have had in life so we spent a good amount of time with them. I stayed with them as the others had to leave and Glenda handed out some more tracts.

Two young men were open and ready to hear the message. One was from a Catholic school, and the other, Andrew, had no real influences but he had some really good questions that lead to a great conversation about God’s law, heaven, and our responsibilities to respond to Jesus. Andrew said he would investigate what Glenda told him about the Catholic Church - how they are works based (Jesus plus working to earn your way to heaven), which is the same as all the other religions. Christianity is not works but by grace we are saved through faith. It is the gift of God, it is Jesus alone and His finished work on the cross.

After explaining sin’s penalty and God's justice, and also how Jesus paid our fine and took the punishment we deserve, Andrew then said "And then you have to follow Jesus" and Glenda said "When you truly believe this good news you will want to follow Jesus" and she told him about repentance and being born again.Andrew said he has a friend who is born again so that led to speaking about how we are dead in our sin and Jesus brings us alive when we truly repent, then we will want to get to know Him through reading the Bible. They said they may come and see us again as they often are at Wello on a Sunday. :) Praise God He blesses us so much He has people already prepared to hear the Gospel.

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