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Friday 10 June 2016

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On Friday evening the team headed into the Cavill Avenue Mall at Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast) and as 7pm rolled around, the weather was cool and there were only two team members (due to traffic and car troubles). An opening prayer was made, acknowledging that God was in control and that if it be His will, the team could press on with only 2. But thankfully over the next hour another 7 members joined and a regular sized team was able together to share the Gospel!

Starting with some preaching, a few people stopped and engaged and this brought about quite a range of conversations. 

A man named AJ approached us and said each of his children had a question, the first child asked, "When was God created?" and the second asked, "How did God become man?" 

We explained to AJ that God doesn't have a beginning because He isn't bound by time. In fact, God created time. Secondly, it was explained that God became a man to save the human race from sin and its penalty.

It turns out that AJ is a Hindu and has been evangelised to by some Jehovah's witnesses in India. He was keen to know more and as the conversation progressed it became clear to AJ that a works based religion seemed unable to make a sinner worthy before a Holy God. 

The questions were posed in this order: 
"Do you believe God is good?"  
"Of course He is," AJ replied
"Does a good God punish wickedness?"
"I don't think so, because He's pretty loving," AJ reasoned.
"When you see someone beating up another person, is it your desire for good or wickedness that causes you to want to stop it and punish them?"
"Well goodness for sure! I see what you're saying because God is good He wants to punish wrong." AJ answered.
"Exactly, have you lived up to God's standard?"
"No, no one can! I have definitely failed," AJ seemed a little taken back.
"So do you deserve God's love and mercy or His justice and wrath?"
"He justice I suppose," at this point AJ was starting to understand what the preaching was about.
"What will fix this problem? Will you be able to fix it?"
"AJ started listing off the amount of good works he had done and how he was trusting in himself to fix it."

A little dialogue was had around the extreme weight and penalty of breaking God's law and AJ nodded in agreement. He said the more he thought about it the less a works based idea made sense. AJ said his children had been enrolled in Religious Education in schools and that he hoped they would understand this. He went on to explain that some JW's had talked with him in India and that they said Hinduism and JWism is compatible. Thankfully AJ saw that they weren't, he understood that the JW's don't teach what the Bible teaches about God and salvation.

He acknowledged he would have to give it more thought and when offered a Bible, he gladly accepted!

Please pray for AJ who heard the Gospel, the saving message of Jesus Christ! Please pray for Bo, and an atheist named Matt  who was a young man quite obviously on some substances. Also please pray for Kahn, a Muslim man who asked a range of questions to the preacher.

Please bring before our Lord those who heard the words of the Living God being proclaimed and intercede for them, crying out to the Lord for their salvation! And may you be encouraged to share your faith, even to join the team!

Another noteworthy man to pray for we sadly don't know his name. But on Friday night due to a large audience there was some preaching and crowd engagement for over an hour. During this time a young bearded man sat on a bench and seemed to solemnly listen the whole time. Please pray that he will have understood the Gospel and will trust in Jesus Christ!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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