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Sunday 24 July 2016

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We were excited as we approached Wellington point Sunday arvo to see so many car’s parked for about a kilometer from where we meet for prayer before sharing the gospel with all these people enjoying another beautiful day our Lord has given us. After we prayed for our Lord to use us and give us boldness to speak the truth seasoned with grace, we started handing out our gospel tracts.

We shortly realised why so many people were down here for very one had their faces practically glued to their mobile phones chasing Pokemon!! Oh boy!! But we praised God for the opportunity for more tracts to go out and more conversations. I handed Steve a tract and started talking with him and found out that he grew up in a Christian home but has his own view of who God is.

I reasoned with him from scripture to give him a clearer and more fuller picture of God, not only His loving kindness, mercy, grace and patience but His perfect holiness and wrath upon sinful mankind who reject Him and one day will face His judgement if they die in their sin. I had to labour on sin for a while so hopefully Steve could understand God’s grace in a fuller way.The rest of the team had great chats with various people. Had a good day as usual.

May our God receive all the Glory.

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