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Sunday, 18 March, 2018

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It was an unusual day for the 5 of us. As Railee and I were walking down to our team meeting place for prayer, we got engaged in a most unorthodox half hour dialogue with Mr. R & A. Mr. A was seeking inner peace and Mr. R also and he said he was inclining towards Buddhism. Mr. R thought the God of the Bible was too strict. Furthermore he said that the God of the O.T. showed no love and was quite different from the God of the N.T. (He could not think of a specific example right then.)

Overall we managed to present most of God's good news. By God's grace, they both gladly received copies of John's gospel with the "Does God exist?" tract inside and said that they would consider what we had presented to them.. Pray the Lord deals with them in mercy.

We then found the other team members who had prayed and were busy engaging others in conversations. However, there was a half hour spent countering a couple who were drop-outs from church life and had some strange teachings like 'generational curses' and worse still some heresies from the word of faith movement. {They had approached the 3 saying that they wanted to encourage them in this work!}

After that, there were some productive conversations. We thank God for enabling us to handle the various challenges. We give Him all the glory for His work which always reflects His beautiful nature.  

Brisbane Team

Wednesday, 14 March, 2018

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We had a good outreach in Brisbane city yesterday afternoon, with 6 people on the team.

The "Good Person Test" flipchart keeps working a treat, with plenty of people willing to go through it. We also had lots of gospel conversations with people around, including with an Aussie bloke named Lindsay - he said he was not religious and never thought about where he would go when he dies. But he came to grasp the gospel and said he would seriously consider it.

Ryu was another man we spoke with, from Japan and studying English here for a year. He said he sometimes believes there is a God - some days of the week yes, other days no. But once he heard that just as a building has a builder, so must the universe have had a creator, he said "Of course, that makes sense."

We then explained to him about the coming judgement, sin, heaven and hell, and the cross. After hearing all that, he said that trusting in Jesus is what he should do, but he said that sin has a strong pull on him. So he is going to count the cost of following Jesus. He happily received a gospel of John to start reading.

To God be the glory!

Capalaba Team

Monday, 12 March, 2018

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Walk up evangelismThe Lord gave each one of us an in-depth conversation near the start of our time at the bus stop. Here are 2 summaries:

     Peter did not believe in God. After listening to the builder/building analogy, he said that made sense. He could believe there is a God. (Later it turned out that he did not want to believe in the God of the Bible.)  In response to the law and gospel, he proclaimed that he did not want anyone to fix his mistakes. Then he was taken through this  analogy: A  man was diagnosed with a deadly illness. He was then told that he had only 2 months to live. There was a very costly medical remedy which he could not afford. However a friend gave his all to raise the money and bought the cure for the dying man. The man left the cure sitting on his shelve for 'some' day.  Likewise Jesus has already done all that is needed to satisfy God's justice on behalf of morally bankrupt sinners. Peter saw the point. His bus arrived. May the Lord break his pride and give him the grace of repentance and faith in Christ alone.

     Mitchell knew the core facts of Jesus death for our sins and His resurrection. Going through the law and gospel to 'prove' that we are hell deserving sinners and only Jesus can save us and bring us to glory, all made sense to him. Meanwhile his workmate was quietly reading the tract. Closing with the Blondin illustration and the need to count the cost as there are difficulties in following Christ, they gave the impression they would check the message out. Pray they do. And if they take my advise to 'ask God to reveal Himself to them as they read His word', may they be wrapped up in His covenantal love - for now and for ever. 

What else did our Lord of Glory do here today. Only He knows all but we know to ascribe all glory to Him. 

Hobart Team

Thursday, 8 March, 2018

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Last week my pastor Campbell Markham and I received news that the Anti-Discrimination case against us had been dropped. Praise God for His kindness in removing this difficulty from our lives and taking away the threat over our church and families!

This has been a difficult time in many ways and the process has underlined to us the wrongness of these offense based laws. Before the case was dropped, hundreds of man hours had been spent on forming a legal defense against the accusations. In addition, Campbell, one of our legal team and I were required to attend a conciliation meeting at the EOT (Equal Opportunity Tasmania) in Hobart under threat of punishment if we did not attend. This meeting was a tedious affair, scheduled to last for 2 hours but lasted 4.5 hours.

The meeting began with courtesy and at all times the two female staff treated us with courtesy. But the kindness of the staff could not paper over the glaring injustice of the situation. There we were, forced to explain why we were not guilty of unsubstantiated, subjective and often absurd accusations. Then to make the process more arduous still, we had to sit and wait to see if our offer of conciliation would be accepted by Mr S. who was in the next room.

On a more positive note, while we waited we were able to enjoy each other’s company and Campbell even shared his sermon with us. We couldn't help but feel for the EOT staff who had to deal with Mr S. who was I suspect at his cantankerous best by the muffled sound of a loud and often angry sounding male voice from the next room.

When the allotted time for the conciliation had passed we were permitted to leave for a lunch break, but there was no mention of stopping the conciliation. We returned to a list of unreasonable demands from Mr S. and further back and forth as we sat obediently in our allotted room. Ultimately, we were informed that Mr S. was not happy, but as the conciliation had gone on for 4.5 hours the meeting was to be continued by email. This extended the process into the next week as we waited for and responded to emails from the EOT.

On Thursday we received an email stating that the conciliation had failed to resolve the matter and that we would need to appear before the tribunal. This was no surprise, we all thought it very unlikely that the matter would be resolved. What was a blessed and a wonderful surprise, was the email that followed 5 minutes later saying the case had been closed. What a roller coaster of a week!

It is not primarily Mr S. or the EOT that have created this debacle. Rather it is section 17 and 19 of the Anti-Discrimination Act that permits the gagging of others if someone is offended. Section 17 holds every Tasmanian to ransom for their words, under the threat of anyone who sees them as that which “offends, humiliates, intimidates, insults or ridicules”. Section 19 is so ill-defined that it allows even a lovingly and carefully worded presentation of Christian convictions to be labeled as “hatred, severe contempt or ridicule” and punishable by law. The utter subjectiveness of these laws mean that it does not matter what you say but rather what someone feels about what you say.  We are very concerned about the laws that have made this entire fiasco possible. With this in mind we will be continuing our Supreme Court proceedings to challenge these unjust laws.

We hope that God will grant that these unjust laws will be repealed or significantly changed. We will be praying that God will protect the freedom of all the people of Tasmania. Please join us in these prayers.

Thank you to the many people who have faithfully prayed during this time of trial. May God be glorified through your trust in Him and His kind deliverance from times of trouble! God has been good to us in this last 7 months, there has been much rejoicing and even laughter in the midst of the difficulty and stress. We have seen many opportunities come to share the gospel because of this complaint. We have had the blessing of fellow Christians offering their support and encouragement. And over all this there is the wonderful joy of knowing that no-one can do anything to us that is outside our heavenly Father’s good plan to bless us and make us more Christ-like.

Praise His name!

Capalaba Team

Monday, 5 March, 2018

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Four on the team today; one on his first visit. The start seemed slower than usual as far as having conversations but God's timing is always perfect.

A lady, Rachel, who had never heard, had the gospel clearly presented before her bus arrived. She now knows that it is 
Jesus merit that is critical. May the Lord bring fruit to bear in her life to His glory.

There are some teenagers who persist in treating the gospel with contempt. But they are hearing God's truth as the weeks roll by. Only God knows how long each one has before death claims them.

There was a backslidden Christian who appeared to be poorly discipled. He wanted to know about 'drinking'. So I took him through the issue of self-control and how idolatry develops when we abuse any substance. We also discussed moving forward as a child of God. He has his Bible with him and reads and prays regularly. I pointed him to Heb. 10:17, "Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more." He is moving into an environment more conducive to his growth. Pray he finds a Bible-teaching church nad Gods grants him 'ears to hear'.

The work continues and we keep on giving all the glory to God.  

Wellington Point Team

Sunday, 4 March, 2018

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Our great Lord of His harvest granted us 9 on His team here today; 3 were first-timers at Wello Pt. There was some incidences that occur occasionally. e.g. In the midst of one gospel presentation, a person purporting to be a Christian broke into the conversation and made enough ridiculous comments to end that opportunity. Moving right along...

Meanwhile a chat with teenagers Reece and Phoenix gave Reece much to think about on submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Later this couple met another on our team who reinforced the gospel. Then Phoenix appeared 'softer' towards God's good news.

Another team of 2 went into an area we have never covered before due to insufficient workers.

The Hindus, Rudge and Punita, listened and then claimed that their holy book contained truth as well as the Bible. {Even false religions 'holy books'v have some truth in them but only the Bible has nothing but the truth} Concentrating on Jesus as the only Way to be reconciled to God, brought Rudge to state that if he went to hell, that was what he deserved (his karma). Then one team member gave her testimony on how God had revealed Himself to her savingly through prayerful searching the Scriptures to see if the gospel was true. Then Punita said she would start reading her Bible. May God convict her of His truth and cause Rudge to abandon the fatalism of karma and close with Christ alone to save him.

 We thank God for His glorious work of saving His people and enabling us and using us to present the claims of Christ to a very needy people. We give Him all the glory. Amen.  

Special Outreaches

Saturday, 24 February, 2018

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The Killarney Show is known to have rain most years and this year it was a wet one again but was much needed after some very dry months, so the show went ahead as usual. Wood chopping, horse jumping, all the fun of a country fair, there was also a reptile show teaching what to do if you encounter a snake in the bush, and a First Aid display which was good for us all to see.

There were two of us that set out for the day to share the wonderful news of Jesus.

Most people took tracts and were thankful.

Our first conversation was with an elderly gentleman who was struggling with his umbrella, after helping we gave him a comic book tract. What a privilege it was to talk with Graham. He shared some of his life story with us and the testimony of his grandparents bringing him up in strong Biblical teaching. He had some pretty rough trials as a teenager that tested his faith in Jesus.

We went through a few things as he was wanting to know about Mormon religion, which we went on to explain that they believe it is by grace you are saved after all you can do in this life to get their place in heaven. In contrast to the truth of "it is by grace we are saved through faith in Jesus and not any of our works so no man will boast." Ephesians 2:8-9. Our Salvation is in Jesus alone. We talked about sin, righteousness and judgement and he agreed and was thankful that Jesus has done all the work that is needed to save sinners through His life death and resurrection.

We chatted to Peter who was selling ice-cream, he was not open to the grace of God. We left a comic tract with him which he said that he would read, but shortly after walking away we offered a tract to a clown holding an ice-cream, who said he had just got one from Peter. So, we left him another tract on the mat of his ice cream van with a personal message written to please read.

We also met a Christian couple who had a stall at the show. They moved out of Warwick to Allora and haven’t been attending Church, we were the third lot of Christians from our Church at Allora to speak with them that week!! Pray they will come and join us in good teaching and fellowship soon.

As we were leaving we were so happy we got opportunities to get some Gospel tracts into the hands of some of these country folk. We pray for each one to be stirred in their heart to want to know more about Jesus and we pray they may be saved and ready for Eternity with our Glorious God.

All Glory be to our Lord Jesus

Hobart Team

Tuesday, 27 February, 2018

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In our very seasonal state this is the time when most of us are most active and most people are willing to talk and discuss on a warm and sunny afternoon. Today was a great day all toll with many opportunities to present the gospel and many people from Hobart and abroad hearing it. The cruise ships continue to come into port and many people are keen to explore the city. This continues to be a great opportunity for outreach. Please pray that we will take advantage of the opportunity while it is here.

Also, the Elizabeth Street Mall is currently a somewhat more peaceful place to have evangelistic conversations, as Mr S. our regular heckler is currently not coming to disrupt our work. Whatever the secondary reasons we thank God for His kindness in allowing us freedom to outreach without Mr S.’s slanders and disruptions.

As in all things there is seasons of interest in some things and not others. This last couple of months there have been many wonderful conversations and interest in the preaching but not many taking tracts and bibles. Praise God that the word continues to go out!

Today whilst I preached at the end of the day there was a wonderful interaction during the preaching. A group of young people had gathered, some are Christians and non-Christians I know, and others were new faces. Among the new faces was a trio who were listening quite closely to the preaching as I expounded on God’s overflowing love to all kinds of people. I moved from God’s welcome to all people to the way that we are called to approach God. I spoke of the respect and “good manners” we should have when approaching the King of all kings. One of the young guys called out that "God is awesome" when I paused to find the right word to describe the … awesomeness of God. It was just the right word and began a conversation that lasted about 30 minutes!

We discussed the goodness of God and our sin which creates a real problem for us to come to God when He calls us. We are not good and God’s hatred for sin is powerful and we would perish if we came as we are. The justice of God is a good thing and we all hope that the wrongs of this world will one day be righted but it is still a fearful thing for us as sinners to fall in to the hands of God. We need mercy, not justice, don’t we? I asked the young guy. He nodded, that’s right!

With joy in my heart I shared with him and all the others listening the great news of Jesus’s saving work in life and in death. I spoke of the almighty one coming to bear the awful load of sin, the sin of all who will ever trust in Him. I spoke of the great love that is offered to them and offered for free, God paid the price for all who will come in faith in Jesus.

Afterwards there were many good conversations that followed, encouraging Christians and urging non-Christians to trust in Jesus. Praise God for His kindness in giving days like today!

Capalaba Team

Monday, 26 February, 2018

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It was an unusual day but as always an interesting time witnessing as one trusts our Lord, our ever-present Helper. I met a string of people who were agnostic and not seeking for the reason why we are here. However, we trust our Lord that He perhaps planted a seed of faith from the brief encounters and/or the tracts that were received. The first young lass I met seemed astounded that anyone would think about God. Still she listened politely and she may meet other Christians to challenge her. There was a young man who listened to the builder/building analogy embellished with some data on the finely-tuned universe that scientists have discovered. Another young man was not interested but engaged in a short conversation after I mentioned Carl Sagan who did not want to think about the possibility that God started creation. We did not get far before his bus arrived. He persisted with his assumption that 'one should do his best to improve himself' but thanked me for the chat. The middle-aged man I gave a '150 year' tract to simply chuckled and said he never bothered with thinking about things like that. Then his phone rang.

May the Lord be pleased to awaken complacent deluded people who are content to drift through life. May we keep on thanking God for the privilege of serving Him and trying to tell others of His good news. Praise His holy name.

Brisbane Team

Wednesday, 14 February, 2018

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On Wednesday during our weekly outreach in Brisbane city, one of the King George Square underground bus station entrances was closed for repair, but it was interesting to see the number of people who were walking towards the entrance (in the quick city manner) and then come to an abrupt stop just centimeters away from the closed door. They remain there for a few seconds in shock that the door is closed for them, before realising they have to go in the other entrance 50 metres away.

So one person on the team used this as an opportunity to say to a number of them, "Heaven's door will be shut one day too, are you ready?" And it got many people thinking about eternal matters.

It reminded me of the Scripture - "When once the master of the house has risen and shut the door, and you begin to stand outside and to knock at the door, saying, ‘Lord, open to us,’ then he will answer you, ‘I do not know where you come from.’" (Luke 13:25)

People think that they have plenty of time; there is no urgency to get right with God yet. But to the contrary, "today is the day of salvation" (2 Cor. 6:2). And shouldn't this motivate us to want to get out there and share our faith?

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