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Sunday 12 November 2017

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Street evangelism photoSeveral baby plovers greeted us on our arrival at Wellington Point. We invited 2 passer-bys to view them and 2 tracts went out. Then Glenda, from the Warwick crew, joined with us to make a team of 7. Praying, we went forth and among the prayer points:

 - About 16 young Asians were in one rotunda and one had a t-shirt marked, 'anti-anti-social club'. Entering their midst and mentioning that shirt's message soon led to tracts being handed to each one. These were read and  they indicated that they wished to resume their social activities without the team. Asking for a little time to explain the message to one interested lady, they all ended up hearing the law and gospel. May our Lord be pleased to grant repentance and faith as He sovereignly has purposed.

 - Shaun's room-mate had recently encouraged him to read the O.T. After some apologetics and presenting the law and gospel, Shaun said that he needed to read the Bible before making any commitment.  Ryan suggested that his love for sin was his real reason to delay; to which Shaun agreed. Ryan urged him to read Genesis then the N. T. Pray that Shaun gets an urgency to respond to the gospel. As we all know, eternity may be the next breathe away!

 -- An Asian couple with a SDA friend who had been encouraging this couple to become Christians were still unconverted but had received a Bible. Taking them through the law and gospel, they indicated that they were living for now. They were warned that this is a most foolish attitude to have.

 - A mature age man who had been in the Presbyterian church in the 1970s but he said that they never majored on Jesus so he left. He was pleased to hear that that is not the case today. He was further impressed with the fact that a Presbyterian (within Operation 513) was on the 'street' witnessing for the glory of God. He reads his Bible daily but was encouraged to rejoin a fellowship. (Each Christian is united to Christ and to every other member of that body  = we need fellowship...)

As always, there was more so join with us in praising our Lord God Almighty for His work of saving His people and let us continue to give Him all glory. 

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