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Monday 5 March 2018

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Four on the team today; one on his first visit. The start seemed slower than usual as far as having conversations but God's timing is always perfect.

A lady, Rachel, who had never heard, had the gospel clearly presented before her bus arrived. She now knows that it is 
Jesus merit that is critical. May the Lord bring fruit to bear in her life to His glory.

There are some teenagers who persist in treating the gospel with contempt. But they are hearing God's truth as the weeks roll by. Only God knows how long each one has before death claims them.

There was a backslidden Christian who appeared to be poorly discipled. He wanted to know about 'drinking'. So I took him through the issue of self-control and how idolatry develops when we abuse any substance. We also discussed moving forward as a child of God. He has his Bible with him and reads and prays regularly. I pointed him to Heb. 10:17, "Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more." He is moving into an environment more conducive to his growth. Pray he finds a Bible-teaching church nad Gods grants him 'ears to hear'.

The work continues and we keep on giving all the glory to God.  

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