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Tuesday 24 April 2018

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Praise God for the good response from the people of Warwick.

Today the Ministry Table was set up next to a Salvation Army Table. Terry a Salvation Army soldier has had a table in this spot for many many years. He sets up on a Wednesday but because of Anzac Day he was where I have arranged to be on Tuesdays. It was a good opportunity to team up with him as he knows and preaches the Gospel and it shows the people that we are united in pointing to Jesus as the way to Eternal Life.

Pray for Roy who believes and loves the Lord. He spoke with me for a while and took tracts. He needs prayer for his depression.

Phillip a lovely man very open who says he believes but sadly he is not reading Gods Word. He went on to tell me he witnessed a healing where a man's leg that was short became normal in a church service. At hearing this I grabbed the illusion tracts where you hold up two curved cards and one looks bigger then the other then you swap and the other looks bigger. He was amazed ... then I said what our eyes see can be an illusion. sure God does heal and He can do anything but we must know & focus on what is more important. The tract lead into the question... "Would you sell one of your eyes for $1,000,000? or both eyes for $20,000,000? Of course you wouldn't your eyes are precious but they are merely windows of our soul."

I explained that our soul needs to be made right with God, when we die it's too late for forgiveness of sins and we need Jesus. God sent His Son to save sinners! What Jesus has done on the cross is the most important healing we need for our sinful souls. We need our souls to be saved. Then I encouraged Phillip to read God’s Word because this is how we get to know and love God, we also need to feed our souls, it is even more important than food for our physical bodies. Phillip received tracts and was thankful, hopefully I will get to see him again to see how he is doing.

Terry the Salvation Officer told me he knows Phillip and his family well and was thankful I could talk to him as he says he finds it hard to chat with him because he is close to the family.

I got to talk with an 18 year old girl who has been brought up in a Christian Family and she was interested to hear about the ministry we discussed the Commandments how they show us our sinful state and our need for Jesus, that He is the good news!!!

Jesus forgives us when we see our sin, humble ourselves & trust His offer to be saved - that He lived perfectly and died in our place, He took the punishment we deserve, Jesus rose from the grave! He defeated sin and death & offers us Eternal Life. She has had some hard times recently and her faith tested so I encouraged her by telling her that God is Sovereign and will bring good from all our difficulties as we trust in Him, He helps us to keep in His Word, we need to pray for His help to keep trusting. Everything is for His Glory! We know all the treasures that last will be in Heaven.

Praise God for sending a helper today and being able to be along side of Terry.

Praise God for His Spirit in us & through us in the bond of service & prayer.

All Glory to Jesus our King.

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