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Tuesday 22 May 2018

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Praise God for Jeanette who says she believes in Jesus being the only way to heaven and loves Him. She asked for a Bible and it was gladly was given to her.  We chatted for a good length of time about Eternity and Salvation in Jesus.

She has had some bad experiences with Church, so I encouraged her to search for a good bible teaching church to fellowship with. I also emphasized the importance of reading God’s Word for her growth. Pray that God’s Spirit will lead Jeanette, her husband and daughter to a love filled church where the Scriptures are taught and lived out following Jesus.

Pray for Willum who is not seeing his need to be saved from sin. As I was sharing the good news of the cross some youth walked past and yelled out “He’s our Saviour!”. God’s Sovereign grace is calling out to the lost. Before we are saved we suppress the truth in unrighteousness and don’t know who God is, His Holiness Justice and Mercy and great love to save us through His Son Jesus. We are sinners and blind to the seriousness of sin until God’s grace brings conviction to lead to repentance and faith in Jesus. We are responsible and need to humble ourselves under the Mighty Hand of God to be saved. The 'Are you a good person tract' was given to Willum and a seed was planted.

Three teenagers stopped for a little chat, one asked for the booklet of John, please pray for them.

Another young man walking past that had a t shirt with the word 'Everlast'. I quickly grabbed an Eternity tract and said this has words to Everlasting Life, he took it and kept walking, pray for his salvation.

It is a great privilege to have handed out tracts to them and others and for the seeds planted today. Its great to know that the people of God are praying with us. Thanks be to God, all glory to Jesus!

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