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Sunday 20 April 2008

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Lord Jesus please be gracious to us, and cause us to know you,
lest we forget our Gracious maker,
who became flesh and died for the crimes of His people.

Redcliffe Pier, is a windy place, which the locals use as a place of leisurely afternoon walks, and quieting thier hearts before the working week dawns upon them.

Today we discovered a New Age teacher, had arrived at Redcliffe with a stall, and was giving away DVD's of his teachings. Apparently he has been on Briz31, and I really wanted to interview him, but unfortunately.. he was packing up when I arrived with Chris Robson.

I grabbed a DVD though (free gift from him), and Chris Robson gave his helper and the man, a gospel tract, "Are you a good person?".

On this fellow's quote, he claims, he helps people by not just talk "but a way to go inside and savor the peace that is within."

I think he never noticed, that the world is full of people who love putting thier heads in the sand, and ignoring thier own evil, and others evil, and instead, begin meditating upon self or nothing.. becoming useless in a world that God created for His own glory, under His rule and word.

Besides the bible claims, and its empirically provable, that our hearts are desperately wicked, and deceitfull above all things. We think that meditating upon the peace within, will fix the problems within and without? uh.. Do we really believe we are good people, and that it's only our behavior that let's us down? Oh God have mercy on humanities blindness.

Anyway, enough of my ranting.

Here is a few reports from the team members on Sunday:

Dan Kent reported that as handing tracts out he was told he was wasting tree's.. yet as she tried to push it back into his pocked, she dropped the tract and blew away.. oops. Dan was able to share with her breifly, tell her to repent, yet her friend said he was rude, and didn't like the gospel tract. Well.. people get offended when the law of God enters, it's remarkably truthful about our state.. and shows us how vile a creature we really are. Dan also did some Open Air training and debate training with me, and he is beginning to be able to discover holes in peoples arguments and show the fault, and then proceeding throught the Ten Commandments. Keep at it mate, I like it :)

Chris Addison, shared a gospel tract with someone who professed to be a christian.. but the christian gave the gospel tract back. Another guy took a tract and then threw it to the wind. A little later a professing Christian from New Zealand chatted with Chris, and was challenged regarding his testimony. Fortunately Chris by God's grace was able to reveal the fellow had no knowledge of any past conviction of sin, and so preached the righteous judgment of God to him. May God save his soul.

Chris Rixon, was by God's grace unable to speak much due to a damaged vocal cord, but while handing out some tracts, was able to maintain a witness by paper. Glory be to God. Chris also discovered some gospel tracts in the bins.. at least some people know how to be good citizens :) Pity though that they thought so little of God's word.. I think there is much hard ground to be broken up in Redcliffe!

Glen Dibben did some Open Air training, and debated with me in the arena of athiesm and evolution, and was able to skillfully turn the arguments on me more than once. It took a bit of work to defend the evolution position, but he wore me down eventually and turned the conversation to the law and the gospel. Great work my friend!

Chris Rixon and I, were able to sit in the chamber in the middle of the pier, and use the natural amplification to carry on a conversation regarding the law of God, the cross, and Christ's resurrection. We also debated the why religions were true or false, and more than a few people stayed to listen to our loud conversation. Please pray for creative ways of reaching this small little town!

S D G my friends, it is a pleasure serving the King Jesus,

A little servant of the most High God,

josh mitchell

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