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Tuesday 24 July 2018

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At the Jumpers and Jazz Festival on this week, there were more people in town. Lots of Gospel tracts were handed out, praise God.

The ministry we able to give out two more Bibles to Emma & Douglas, the family from Inglewood. Their ninth child was born two weeks ago. Please pray we can continue to encourage this family as they seek to read Gods Word.

I met another Christian from Inglewood. His name is Ron. He is connected to a church there and has a sound understanding of the Gospel. 

He wanted to know about the ministry. Please pray these Christians will support each other in their faith in Jesus.

Alan, the man who I talked with a couple of weeks ago, stopped for a bit. He says he is born again but he does not want to hold Scripture as the final authority. He says everyone interprets it differently. He is also adding works to salvation. So, I just focused on what the Bible teaches. I shared that we are brought to repentance and faith by God's Grace alone. After that, obedience follows because He first loved us and works are evidence of our faith but cannot save us. He did not agree. 

Sadly Alan, goes to a range of churches and not under any authority. He said he sees visions and bases a lot of his beliefs on his experiences. It is scary that his testimony but does not align with Scripture. Please pray that God by grace will lead Alan to the correct understanding of the Gospel and the Scriptures.

Please pray for Mandy. She is a Liaison officer, who knows the Gospel and is eager to share with others. We talked about the need to be discerning and know true from false. I have given her a name of a ministry to check out that deals with false teachers in a truthful yet loving manner. His name is Justin Peters the ministry is "". You can check this out for yourselves, it is a good resource. 

Please pray for all the tracts handed out today.

Please pray for these seeds to stir the hearts of each person who has been given the Gospel message.

May God be and Glorified!

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