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Tuesday 31 July 2018

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God sent a worker to help share the Glorious Gospel today. The Lord had more prepared hearts for us, Praise His Holy Name!

Please pray for a lady named Pendara. She stopped as I held out a “Are you a Good Person Tract” and wanted to know what it was. We had a 10 minute chat using the booklet explaining to her that I used to be “Mrs Nice Gal” 19 years ago, but I didn’t know the Bible message then.

I shared that we all have sinned against God, and that we need to have a healthy fear of God, who is Perfect Holy and Just. I continued saying the, "We need to be humbled by God". In God's loving kindness we hear of His great love to redeem us through the Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ, who came to save us sinners. He calls us to respond in repentance and faith, relying on what Jesus has done. I kept explaining, "This is a gift we receive from God and not anything we can do and we should be thankful and seek to know Him through His Word". 

Pendara spoke of how God must be speaking to her as she keeps being reminded of the call to be saved. I urged her to respond and pointed out God’s call for her to receive His grace and mercy.  She said she has a Bible and will read the tract. We hugged. I told her about the website and if she needed help with anything to come see me at the Bible table. Pray for her salvation and that she won't put off being saved as we don't know if we have tomorrow.

We gave bibles to Merv & Scott from the Sunshine Coast. I got to chat with Merv briefly but Scott walked away. Merv is a believer and wanted the bible for his wife. He had to go because Scott was waiting for him. Pray they will read the Word.

Ron & Rose from Warwick each asked for a Bible. Beth talked with Ron and I talked with Rose. 

Rose was really open to the Gospel. I also gave her a Gospel of John and encouraged that this would be a good book to start with. I also pointed out the bridge illustration of the plan of salvation for her to go over again.  Pray the tracts we gave with the Gospel message will stir their hearts to receive salvation. Pray God’s Word will bless and grow them to know Him and His ways.

It was good to have a helper to speak one to one,  Praise God!

Beth also got to talk with a 92 year old man named Sid and planted the seed of the Gospel with words and a tract. Pray for Sid and June.

More people to pray for - Hebert, Alan, Tony, and Coral they also have tracts. Pray for all who received a tract today. Thank you for your faithful work of prayer! To God alone be the Glory!

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