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Tuesday 7 August 2018

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At Warwick we are having the joy of seeing people return for further conversations. This is such a blessing to be able to hear how they are doing with the big questions of life. We also get to plant more seeds and to build a friendship and hope they know we care for them.

Please be praying for Colin. He is an aboriginal man who Beth spoke with. She also gave him a tract. Colin says he is believing and just starting to go to Church. He has just come away from a life influenced by drugs. He had to go so hopefully we will get to talk more with him another day.

A lady approached the table last week and she seemed open. She was asked if she knew the message of the Bible and she said she didn’t know. I started with God’s Holiness and spoke how sin entered the world through Adam and Eve and as a result spread to all mankind, our sin and fallen state was explained through using the law to show we all fall short of God's righteousness and how this separates us from God. I went through the comic tract and shared the Gospel with her.

She says her kids tell her things about Jesus. They know some things from RI at school. Pray this mum will share with her children, that they may become a covenant family!  She wanted a Bible. I book marked Ephesians 2 & gave her a Gospel of John booklet as I explained some verses in there too.

Please pray for Cob. Both Beth and I got to talk with him.

As the conversation begun he said he was an atheist but he changed that to agnostic during our discussion. He took the booklet, "Does God Exist?" and a "Questions for Atheists" booklet as well. He said he will read them.

We also got to talk with Aharmid  he is a Muslim. The amazing thing is he knows two Christians from our Church and they have talked to him about Jesus before (Praise God for using Christians in the proclamation of the Gospel). 

These fellow Christians have been praying for him for a long time. He took a “ Who Do You Say I Am"  booklet that explains the deity of Jesus with Scriptures from the Bible. Aharmid said he would read it. 

Pray for Evelyn who has a Gospel of John. Please be praying that she will come to know Jesus and start reading the Bible she has at home.

Pray for all the people we got to speak with and give tracts to. To God be the Glory!

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