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Tuesday 14 August 2018

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Edward stopped and asked about the Ministry of OP-513. I explained that we are non-denominational Reformed Christians, that have a passion to spread the Gospel through Street Ministry. He named some teachers he has seen on TV. He asked me what I thought. Jimmy Swaggart & Benny Hinn are the names he mentioned. "Both are false teachers," I replied and I asked him what he thought of them. Edward was saying he agreed with me on this. As I shared from the bible he said I was preaching to the converted. He had to leave but pray for him as I'm not sure where he is with the Lord and hope to chat again with him.

We seem to be getting people return for further discussions so praise our wonderful God for the work of the Holy Spirit in all He is doing and by giving us opportunities to get to know people more and share truth in love.

Herbert is one of those who at first was telling me he “doesn’t know” to nearly every question about the Bible. He is open to discussion and I shared the need to be saved with him. I explained that we need to know Jesus and believe He is the only way to heaven we need to know from His Word.

Also Evelyn is a lady who I've spoken to twice now. This time she had a question about Adam and Eve and different races and saying it was incest. I gave her a short explanation saying that it wasn't sin then as God allowed for that to happen to populate the earth. It wasn't until the effects of sin increased and recessive genetic disorders made this dangerous because of birth defects. God later made laws to obey concerning incest and now it is a sin. I gave her a booklet to read that Ken Ham has written. Pray this stumbling block be pulled away from Evelyn. I urged her once more to put her trust in Jesus because her greatest need is to be saved. She is always thankful and God has her open to hearing more.

Pray for Trish at Maryvale she has issues with her neighbours and cares for the children there. At this stage she doesn't want to engage in eternal matters.

Beth talked with and gave a tract to older lady named Rita. She asked us to pray for her and her granddaughter Angela.

David from the Baptist Church had a chat just when we were packing up. He was encouraged to see us. He has some info and tracts about the ministry. David has a son living on the Gold Coast who may be interested in the team that meets there every Friday night. His son's name is Nathaniel.

Thank you for your precious prayers. God is doing the work in and through us all.

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Warwick Team (QLD)

Meets each Friday 11am to 2pm - we set up a free Bibles table on the main street of Warwick.

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