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Tuesday 28 August 2018

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These past two weeks have been fruitful in Warwick. Many people continue to approach the Bible table with questions and interest. It keeps showing us God is doing a mighty work. There has been many people, God knows each one. Here a a few to pray for. (We have decided as Warwick is a small town to only refer to people by initials so as to not embarass or dishonour them in anyway). 

I was asked to look after a dog while his owner went into the shop where I'm set up, then got to share the Gospel with his owner C afterwards. It was so nice to help him and then get the opportunity to share Jesus with him Praise God. I asked Permission if I could post a Photo of his doggy on our blog at the table. C said his dog H is well known in Warwick.

Pray for L and his carer A.

N is an elderly gentleman frustrated with the state of the world. He has been encouraged to trust Jesus and he took tracts.

Pray for M that his head knowledge of the Gospel will by God's grace give him new life by the power of the Holy Spirit's work in him. Pray for his brother S and nephews T & F as M helps them in their need. 

D wanted a Bible. She attends a local Church and goes to bible study. I had a short chat with her but she was in a hurry.

Pray for N who is a christian, pray for her daughter C who is a Jehovah Witness.

R who I have talked with before believes the Gospel and is having a operation soon.

Another R who says is starting to read his Bible every night! PRAISE GOD!

D a believer says he will help at the Bible table next week, answered prayer.

B and I talked with two men at the end of the day. They had beliefs that were not biblical. We planted seeds of God's truth.

Many tracts given out as well as Bibles as well conversations with locals and people traveling through. It has been such a blessing. It is a joy to share the Gospel and give tracts to remind them of the truth and to keep pointing them to Jesus and Eternal life and we pray each person be impacted and believe the Word of God to lead them to salvation. God knows each one.

Praise God for giving us the privilege to share in the ministry of reconciliation. All Glory be to God Alone!

Thank you so much for your prayers.

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