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Sunday 27 April 2008

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Lovely warm day with windy breeze.

At the end of the pier, was a group of young people, one of which was dropping ten feet into murky water below.

By the grace of God, a number of big money tract's were handed out, and a fantastic conversation was struct up with the young people. A young lady and a number of young lads, began to converse with me, and they took the manual good person test.

The six kids, talked about all sorts of subjects, evolution, the big bang, transitional forms, philosophy, infinite regression etc. it was an exciting conversation, and lots of people sat around with surprised faces soaking it all in.

I had to warn two of the lads, jumping in water was against the law, but they kept on doing it. I nicked name one, bright spark, coz he kept on making strange statements that didn't make sense. Reminds me of myself really! God saved me, he can save him easily!

One old guy listened in to my conversation with the kids, and later said to Dan Kent "I hate all man and mankind..?". It was a strange comment, but the reality is, that self-righteousness is a hideous manifestation of human sin nature. May God grant him forgiveness. He did take a gospel tract from Dan Kent.

The team tracted the pier, and then we headed out down to the local swimming hole, and handed out as many tracts as we could. Dan Kent and myself, cover the beach area and gave out plenty of tracts, even to the food girls.

Then we came round the other side, and I got to give an icebreaker tract to a nice aboriginal guy, and got to witness to him. But his mum or grandma, who was a Jehovah's Witness. Warren managed to take on the JW older woman, so I could finish giving the gospel to him. He admitted guilt, and I pray God grants him repentance. His partner kept interferring with the witness, so I finished quickly. They bid us goodbye, and the fellow accepted a tract.

Dan Kent wanted us to know that a guy was wearing, another guy was wearing a "Bring back the Biff". The man who normally wears that shirt on television, teaches the worst kind of immorality. And he uses humour to communicate it, past the weak moral senses of the public. Obviously he is successful. We couldn't get a tract into the hands of this cult follower. Please pray that God will wash our media, if it pleases him.

Chris Addison estimated with the team, that about 75% of the people accepted tracts and 25% rejected them.

If your out there and nervous about handing out tracts, this should encourage you :)

Here is video to exhort you:

Asleep in the light - Video Hymn

For Jesus name,

josh mitchell



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