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Wednesday 12 September 2018

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I used the flip chart to present the law and Gospel on Tuesday for the first time and it was very effective.

A young man named N seemed interested until his girlfriend pulled him away,  pray he will remember the Gospel message.
J a believer was appreciative to the reminder of the Gospel it was a joy to hear of her love for Jesus.

Another young man A responded well to the flip chart message seemed humble, he displayed appreciation towards Jesus taking the wrath of God upon himself to rescue sinners,  pray his love for Jesus will be deeper and he will have a a hunger for God's Word also if not already saved that he be saved.

J an older catholic man was taken through the law, he said he had never lied or stolen, looked with lust, and he said his anger was justified for different reasons. Pray for him to admit sin as he was proud in heart. He took a tract and I showed him the picture of Mr nice guy's face and explained we need to be humble to appreciate God's kindness to save sinners.

J & J were on a break from work, they both were paying good attention to the flip chart and answering the question with humble hearts J said he is a Christian Ja a good friend of J, excepted a booklet of John and said he will look into the salvation message and said he would ask J for help reading the Bible.

D a young truckie went from disbelief to being open enough to receive a God of wonders dvd about creation with Scriptures and teaching on salvation by good Godly teachers and said he would watch it and also said his mum would like it too he was thankful to receive it!!! He also took a Gospel tract.

Pray for S who has heard the message of salvation a few times and is open, she received a Bible a few weeks ago and has various tracts to read. Praise God for the help she has received from a local Christian Community Centre, she met with me after I finished the outreach and it was God's Hand that orchestrated all her needs as she is new to Warwick. Pray for her salvation and L her son.

Pray for the organisations that help needy people and that they will hear the Gospel in their work. It was great to work together in the advancement of God's Kingdom.

Was a great day and past 2 Tuesdays very fruitful. Thanks for praying also pray for others who have had tracts and seeds planted.

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