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Friday 23 November 2018

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23rd November
It has been great to have Rick with me as we are meeting people I have previously talked with and to have a man chat with other men is a blessing, as it is sometimes a better outcome. It’s great too when we meet couples, then we can talk one to one.

On the first week this fortnight we met a couple from an LDS Church. N & L stopped to ask about the ministry and we had quite a bit of time one on one with them. When the discussion on hell punishment came up, this is when they suddenly wanted to walk on. They took tracts but please pray that there will be another time we will see them and that God’s grace will be showing them truth in His Word. 

We got to talk with an paramedic who assisted me earlier in the year. I had shared the Gospel with him and he told me I was preaching to the choir. It was easter and he had been given an easter tract by Rick & myself back in April.

Rick recognised him and he remembered us too. We had a great chat with him and he has a good knowledge of the Gospel. He also wanted to know more about the ministry and received some resources. Pray for him and the work he does daily as an emergency worker, they do a wonderful work. Pray for M, L, C & G.

Rick had the opportunity to talk with a believer from out of town and he also was encouraged and interested in the work of evangelism, pray for S. 

Rick also got to speak with a man I have shared with many times in the past and have given tracts, also a booklet of John. He was wanting a Bible from Rick so praise our Lord for this man's seeking of God’s Word, pray for him (R).

We also got to share with the man who sold us our house here from 2 years ago. We had given him tracts back then and I have seen him and shared the Gospel at other times. Last Friday Rick and myself were able to challenge him more in his need to be made right with our Holy God.

30th November
This week was only myself as Rick had injured himself at work. I had a good amount of conversations. One that was sad to my heart was a elderly man saying he wanted to end his life. Please pray for D who I pleaded with and shared the need for him to come to salvation. I asked him to come meet us next week to talk with Rick. Pray the Lord's mercy will protect him and bring him to saving faith so he will have reason to love his life. 

God gave me the privilege to have encouragement from two older ladies who are believers, they had stopped to express their thoughts on the need for Christian influence in the public like this ministry does. They shared some of their hearts needs so we are able to pray for them. One lady (M) asked for something for her two granddaughters (in their 20's) to explain the Gospel, so she was given a couple of comic book tracts and I encouraged her to have them check out the website and look at the 5 minute video that explains the Gospel.

The other lady (P) has her husband in the final stages of his life. He is a believer but she is having family trying to take over her say in looking after him. I prayed with her and she said she would come visit me again on a Friday. 

Thank you again for all you who pray for this work. God is bringing these opportunities of sharing the Gospel either by our speaking or handing out a tract. And also the blessing of encouragement and equipping fellow believers to share Jesus.

The Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation. Praise His Holy Name!

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