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Monday 10 December 2018

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Prayer needed please:

     - Trent, young man who had never heard. Now he says, "you've given me something to think about!" 

     - a pagan woman who said, "Nature gives us all that we need." Analogy in response -"If you gave a good gift to someone and that person then transferred his love from you to the gift, would you be pleased? No, of course not. God is not pleased when anyone ignores Him and loves His creation instead." Still, after taking her through the law and gospel, she would not forsake her pagan idolatry.

     - N, a young lass who has had her faith severely tested by the child abuse perpetrated by so-called Christians. She has no one to share her doubts and fears with.

    - that in the other witnessing encounters, God would glorify Himself as He sovereignly pleases.

He is faithful and true and worthy of all praise! 

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