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Friday 7 December 2018

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It’s good to be back out on the street with my lovely wife Glenda sharing the Gospel with the people of Warwick. Our bible table is set up for giving away free bibles and resources to build up fellow Christians and equip and encourage them in sharing the good news and of course to give to anyone wanting to receive answers (for example) ”Does God Exist” and “Evidences for a young world” to plant seeds that God can use to draw some to Salvation.

I attended a funeral service just before joining Glenda for the outreach. The funeral was for a workmates family member. In God’s providence my boss sat next to me, and just before we all left I got to tell her that I was now going to join my wife in Warwick as I do after work each Friday, to hand out Gospel tracts, free bibles and talk to people about Eternal matters. Also I was able to plant a few seeds with some other work colleagues after the funeral about how short life is!!

Not long after arriving at the outreach location another workmate who was at the funeral happened to walk by and we engaged in a conversation about death in light of just coming from a funeral. During the chat with him he revealed a tattoo of his mother his brother and sister’s dates of when they passed away and underneath, said “Me -  Never”. I said that we are all part of the ultimate statistic that 10 out of 10 people die. After going through the Law, judgment and hell, then the flip chart, he didn't seem to be concerned at all, but who knows what our Lord can do with a few planted seeds!! He received a call from his upper management (wife) who had been waiting for him for some time and we said goodbye. Please pray for L.

We had a few short chats with some other folk - pray for S who is a believer as he helps his friend M with some Bible truths. We also were able to hand out lots of tracts.

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