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Friday 14 December 2018

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Each week I set up the table 1 hour before Rick arrives as he finishes work at 12 pm.  It is quite a busy time of day, that was the reason we decided for me to start then. This week there were workers just across from where I set up the table on the footpath. They were busy at their work. I started to hand out Christmas tracts, saying Merry Christmas. I like to just add to the people that it is the true meaning of Christmas and not Santa stuff. Most people think that is good and smile with me, some stop and share their belief in Jesus so it’s an opportunity to ask them more about their faith.

One man pushing his bike, stopped and after a few questions told me he used to be born again but now does not believe. I shared the truth of how, when we are truly born of God that God will keep us in our faith. As this is one of His great and precious promises, even in our struggles He brings us through using His Spirit His Word and other believers to help us and we will remain steadfast in His love. So I said to this man that if he was saying he doesn't now believe, that it seems that he wasn't truly born again. So I shared the law and the hell punishment that we all deserve and my concern for him. I then went on to share the offer of God’s love through His Son Jesus, that this is his greatest need before he dies and the only way to be made right with God and set free from sin through what Jesus has done to pay for our eternal punishment.

This man said to me he could see my genuine concern and he was thankful but he said he doesn't believe the Bible. Please pray for C, he has a tract, pray God will stir his heart to receive Salvation and seek to be truly born again. 

Then a little boy walked up to the table and said “I am Christian”, his mum was standing back so I smiled and waved to her and crouched down to chat with this little guy. I gave him a kiddies tract and asked if he had heard of the 10 commandments,  he said yes (he was only 7) then I showed him the pictures that help memorize each one. I also gave him a tract to give his mum. For some reason she did not want to come over. Pray for this little boy and his mum.

As he left the worker said to me, what a nice little boy. I said yes it is so needed for the young ones to know that there is a God. I then said that sadly many are being taught there is no God and it will be terrible as they have no accountability and no hope either. 

A young man (A) approached me with some Bibles to donate, he said he has seen me over some weeks and felt to bring these Bibles to give as they are just sitting on his shelf. He told me a little about himself and I thought to share that Rick is here from just after 12pm if he would like to chat with him too but he had to go. I gave him a tract and a 'God of Wonders' dvd to say thanks.

After Rick had arrived we handed out lots more tracts and also had the chance to give a Bible to a man from Vanuatu. We asked some questions to see if he knew the Gospel, and to the praise of God he was fully relying on Jesus being the only reason he would be going to heaven. His words were of course so! He had been taught as a young child to trust in Jesus. In amazement he told us he was leaving to go back to Vanuatu in the morning, so we encouraged him about the ministry and to share the good news where he is going, in his reply “of course so.” How lovely to have the opportunity to meet other Christians as we share the joy in salvation as we speak. Pray for J. We were also thankful to meet and encourage S and give a dvd from 'Way of the Master' to watch and share with her Church.

Thank you for continued prayers for the ministry.

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