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Friday 28 December 2018

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This is the first week of my break from work (they close for two weeks) so I was able to join my wife an hour earlier for our usual Friday outreach in Warwick. The streets were a little bit quieter but busy enough to have a few conversations  and hand out some tracts.

M is a young man who has received a few Gospel tracts before from Glenda so when she saw him coming she asked me to engage him in a chat. I said g’day and asked him if he had read any of the tracts he had previously received, he said yes and still has them at home. I asked, "What did you think of them?"  He said they were alright but didn't’t seam too fazed about them, so I stressed the point about all being guilty and took him through the law and judgment and the eternality of our hell punishment but all to no avail. Sadly, he just had no care about the future and was hard to get much out of him, he just said its not for me. We said to please look into these things for no one knows how long we have on this earth, any of us might not see tomorrow. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to awaken him to the truth of the gospel.

We were able to hand out a bible and a couple of books of John to a family from out of town and plant a few seeds. It’s great to see someone desiring to have the word of God and what a blessing to have these resources to give away free of charge.

We handed a tract to a couple who came back and wanted to ask us a few things about what they read and we said "no, we’re too busy" (only kidding) we said "fire away!". They had questions about the law and especially about the Sabbath so we quickly ascertained that they were from the Adventist movement and had quite a lengthy discussion about scripture and Ellen G. White’s teachings. They asked if they could meet us next week and further discuss our differences. Please pray that God would prepare their heart to receive the good news of salvation through Grace alone through faith alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross for all our sins - past, present and future. Please pray that our Lord would speak the Gospel truth through us which is His power unto salvation.

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