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Friday 4 January 2019

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The New Year has begun and the crowds that bring people to the shops in the Christmas period has gone back to a slower pace. This has been good in a way, as it gives a bit more time for conversation. Never ever think just because there are not many people around that it’s a negative.

Today seemed very quite but at the end of the day both Rick and myself were so thankful that God had prepared seeking hearts given to us by Him in a few of the conversations we had.

Praise God for R who I have spoken to in the past. He got to meet Rick and we were both able to spend time listening and chatting with him. Wow, it was wonderful as we could see how the Lord was showing him some very critical things in his heart. Checking to see if he truly is of the faith.

R is not able to read and much of his understanding is from his early years. There were a few things he shared with us that we were able to explain through God’s word what we are to obey in the call to salvation. We went through the flip chart and like we find in the majority of people, R said he was guilty but he thought he would be going to heaven, when asked why? he said that he was trying to do good works. He thought he wasn’t so bad. When we explained the Holiness of God and the wrath of God that we all deserve as we have all sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. R was wanting to listen, it was so great to see how God had his ears ready to hear more.

Justice was explained using the earthly courtroom analogy and how there needs to be a payment of the fine in breaking the law, that just saying I won’t do it again doesn’t make what was done go away. But just like in a earthly courtroom when you are guilty the law requires the penalty to be fully made so justice is upheld. Our earthly court is only an example of the perfect courtroom where there is perfect justice and judgment.

God’s courtroom is so much higher and on judgment day, we all will face God. We need to know there is none of us who are good, no not one, we all have broken God’s Holy laws as we check ourselves by the ten commandments, we know we are guilty, the Bible, God’s Word, declares the penalty for sin is death, not only physical death but even worse, it is spiritual, the penalty for sin is punishment in a place called Hell for eternity.

That’s bad news, But God has given good news and provided a way we can have our fine paid, that is through God’s one and only Son Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life He never sinned, Jesus came to die in our place to pay the penalty for all those who will believe upon Him and trust in His righteousness, in His life, death, and resurrection. Jesus paid it all. We broke the law, Jesus paid our fine. He defeated sin and death and offers us Eternal life as we come to Him with a humble heart and put out trust in Him.

God promises to give us Grace and a new heart that is repentant of our unbelief, self reliance and good works. His covering of righteousness makes us justified, God gives us Eternal Life and we can enter heaven. Not because we deserve it but because of mercy and grace given by God through Jesus our Saviour and Lord.

God receives all that are His and all the Glory is His. No one can boast, it is all His work and He deserves all Glory and Honour our love for Jesus is to worship Him and follow Him with grateful hearts. As we spoke all these truths to R we trust God in his life and we pray he be saved and have a desire to know His Saviour. We showed R how to download audio Bible and we had him listen on my phone to the book of John, all of Chapter 3, he was listening intently. He asked us about a Bible on CD, if he can buy it. We told him we would look into it for him. He said he will be back for the information next week or the week after. We urged him not to put off salvation. As we don’t know the day we die and we need to make that the first step with God. 

S was another conversation that was very good. Hopefully we will get to talk with him again as he was meeting his wife and had to go. Pray for H who we have talked with before, he thinks he is ok but he is trusting in works as the way he will get to heaven and doesn’t seem to have conviction of sin or desire for God. We took him through the law and the Gospel and he has a tract again, only God can do the work we know.

Praise our wonderful God for another great day sharing the Gospel.

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