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Friday 11 January 2019

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Everyday is a good day to share the gospel and this Friday on the streets of Warwick was no exception.

S approached the bible table and asked how much for a bible, pointing to the signs pinned to each side of the table we said they were free. He said his 8 year old son would love to have one, so we gave him a hard cover CEV.

The CEV bible was donated by a young man some weeks ago who was impressed to see us out on the streets talking about God and giving away free bibles and resources, that he turned up with some extra bibles laying around home so that we could give them away - Praise God. This was explained to S who was really grateful to take this donated bible for his boy. S was asked if he himself is a believer - he said that his Grand Parents were. Glenda said that they would have been praying for him. He agreed they surely would have.

We took him through the law and gospel in which he was saying that he understands while nodding as he was answering, sometime was spent spent with him talking about eternal matters and what that meant personally for him and that there was nothing more important than getting right with God. He took a booklet about the ministry, we also gave him a resource on some basic facts about the bible and how to read it, that was given to us from our pastor’s wife, they have been quite useful to accompany the bibles we give out.

Please pray that God would draw S unto salvation and that the enemy wouldn't steal the planted word from him. Pray for his son as he now has a bible that our Lord will do the work in his life to bring him to faith in Jesus by His amazing grace.

A mum and her two kids stopped by to encourage us saying that this was a great thing that we were doing, she is a believer from Tamworth up here on holidays, so after having a chat we gave here some ministry info, tracts for her and her children. We encouraged her to look us up online and share the Gospel where she lives.

We spoke to M and then a bit later on J, two guy’s who believed in reincarnation, we asked where they got there information about there belief, M said it just sounded good to him. J said his mother told him when he was young about a truck driver who died the day he was born and when he grew up he became a truck driver. We told them that they were basing their belief on feelings not facts. Both were short chats but tried to plant a few bible truths with some gospel tracts, so we pray that the Holy Spirit will convict them of their false belief and bring them to a saving faith in Jesus.

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