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Saturday 19 January 2019

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On Saturday, January 19th, the Essex team met at Meridian Square outside of the Stratford tube station in East London for evangelism and outreach.  It was a chilly 5C, but there were many good conversations.  Jacob and Andy both handed out the Op513 Million Pound Question tract with success. Some of the people taking the Million pound note were quite taken with the novelty of the tract. I was handing out the Xpand Christianity tract asking which of six major religions was true, which was appropriate for this multi-culturallly diverse area of  East London.

City wardens were quick to stop amplified preaching on Saturday. They shut down a woman named Mary, but she had a booming voice and went around the square shouting things like "Repent", or "The time will soon be over. Elohim" or quoting John 14:6 for most of the time we were there. (I don't know if anyone knew what she was trying to say. I told her that she should explain to people what she is talking about.)  A portable generator and traffic noise made it difficult to be heard above the din, so we stuck with handing out tracts. We interacted with some teenagers raising money for a youth program.

I gave tracts and spoke to Tausin and Maame.  Elijah, a young man ona skateboard told me that he left a strict Catholic background and now was free. I encouraged him to read the tract when he was at home. Rashid, a Moslem, told me that good works to our fellow man was very important because we can't know God.  He added that he was an advocate.  I told him that Jesus was my advocate before the Father.  Sheila said that she was a Christian and was encouraged to see a Christian presence in Stratford.

I chatted with Samir as he prepared to hand out his Moslem literature again. He said that he read to BIble extensively, but it clearly wasn't with faith, but only to construct arguments against Christianity. I also chatted with Chinelle, a homeless woman who looked more like a 12 year old boy, and I spoke a word of encouragement. (Some victims of physical abuse stop growing, literally.)  My homeless friend Salvatore was also out.  He showed me that he still had the New Testaments that I gave him in December.

Please pray for the people which I have named that God may be gracious to them and grant them the grace to repent and the faith to believe. 

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