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Saturday 12 January 2019

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The outreaches in King George square are usually filled with less conversations but longer ones.

The first one of the night was with three Muslims. They were challenged by God's law and the need for a Saviour. The struggled with Muslims is to keep the Gospel the centre of the conversation. It can often be lost in rabbit trails and other discussions.

In an attempt to keep the conversation on tract the attempt was to ask them to answer the question, "What has God done, to pay the penalty for sin, so that sinners can be forgiven?"

This question was bought back over and over and the reason it was focused on is clear, the "god" of Islam hasn't done anything. Where as the true and living God has acted in history and taken the judgement for sin on the cross, for those who trust in Him.

Jam, Yas and Wassim through this conversation were openly lusting after girls that walked past, pointing each other to look. In the end they left saying they would search out what had been said and would talk with the team another day.

Another conversation was with Cody, who said, "three people have spoken to me about this in the last three days". It was pointed out that God was clearly trying to God his attention. He was taken through the law and its penalty and through the Gospel and its beauty and then left with the very serious thought that God had now given him three chances to hear the message of hope and to respond and God may never ever give him another chance.

Lastly, the team was about to speak with Yance, a European Doctor, who lives in Australia. He mentioned that on Sunday of the previous week at Wellington Point a kind gentleman had given him a tract, talked with him briefly but he had to leave. (This was another 513 team member).

Yance noted at the end of the conversation that he was very grateful. He now understood the Gospel, had many of his questions answered and even noted that the conversation was not intrusive and he was happy to have had the conversation.

He said that he would seriously think about what had been said!

Please be praying for those who were challenged by the law and heard the Gospel this Saturday that God would use this to draw them to Himself!


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