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Brisbane Team (Night) (QLD)

Meets every Saturday night in King George Square 7-10pm.

King George Square

Brisbane Team (Day) (QLD)

Meets Wednesday afternoons 1-5pm in King George Square (near Adelaide St crossing).

Contact Ryan Hemelaar for more information.

Saturday 16 March 2019

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On Saturday night in Brisbane City, the rain began halfway through the outreach. The first part of the night was in the open then it was mostly confined to the covered areas.

You can hear two very good reasons to join the team, the first comes by way of implication. Ryan, Fynn and Harry share about people who responded positively to the Gospel. That is reason number one, God uses the Gospel to save people!

Secondly, you can hear Ryan and Harry share about how the team can help. You may be scared, new or tired and there will be other team members willing to encourage you and assist you in proclaiming the Gospel.

So why not come and join us next week, you will be glad you did!

Wednesday 13 March 2019

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This afternoon in Brisbane city was almost unbelievable. It is usual to have a day with a single or maybe two really encouraging conversations where people respond positively but today it seemed that God was at work in softening hearts.

The first conversation of the afternoon took place with a lady named Dell. She at first said she didn't know if there was a God, maybe just an energy. She was shown how this couldn't be the case because energy cannot create anything, only a being wielding energy can. Then she saw God's law and the universal guilt and understood that there is a day of judgement because a good God cannot ignore evil. She acknowledged that she was mostly just ignoring thinking about it because it was uncomfortable and she didn't have a solution.

She was shown what God had done to save sinners, was given and tract and encouraged to read the Gospel of John. She didn't say she would but she said she was very thankful for the conversation and was glad she had heard and said she would consider what was said.

Next was a short conversation with Juke. Throughout the conversation on a number of occasions he reiterated, "I really needed to hear this today!" He knew God exists, and knew of the afterlife but wasn't sure where he would end up. He was shown God's law and realised his guilt and that he deserved Hell.

Then for the first time in his life he saw the Gospel of grace. He came to understand that it is a gift for the guilty not a reward for the righteous. At first he didn't understand how to receive the Gospel and thought it was by doing good works and being worthy but then came to understand that no one could be worthy and that it was a gift! He was asked a checking question to which at first he said the wrong answer but then corrected himself and got it right. It was exciting to see.

He responded by saying that has goes to church with his grandmother sometimes and said that he wants to have a read of his Bible now! He was encouraged to start in John, then have a read of Romans.

Maybe the most exciting part of this, is that the discussion took place in an area the team normally doesn't visit but "it just so happened" that today, due to the immense heat and some of the seats being off limits that the area where Juke was sitting was approached. God is utterly sovereign even using the heat to bring about individuals to hear the Gospel and respond positively!

A quick sad conversation was with a man named Peter. He was so worried about eternity. He had a Catholic background and knew that he was utterly hopeless at getting himself to Heaven but due to the works based salvation being taught in Catholicism he was left utter hopeless. He heard the Gospel briefly and was offered hope but for some reason he didn't want to hear more. He did take a tract though.

A final conversation was with Josh. He has spoken to the team before and has some sort of Christian background but has damaged his mind with drugs. The majority of the conversation was Josh being dismissive and trying to avoid the reality of God, the authenticity of the Bible, the Creator, judgement, Heaven and Hell simply by saying, "I don't believe that" without really giving a reason as to why. Even when asked why he didn't believe he couldn't give a reason. It was over and over pointed out that it was a sinful bias that leads people to believe anything that can momentarily numb their conscience.

But then in an almost last ditch attempt to get the Gospel out, he heard a relatively short monologue about what God has done so that sinners can be forgiven and at this moment his whole demeanor changed. Instead of being frustrated and dismissive he started asking questions, he admitted that he had been considering heading back to Church because the life he was living was shallow and unsatisfying and he even said when he is on drugs he often hears voices telling him that he is doing the wrong thing.

He was encouraged to have a read of the Gospel of John and was encouraged to head to a local church in his area!

Please be praying for those who heard the Gospel today and were challenged. Praise God that he uses the means of feeble men and women preaching to bring people to salvation! Please pray specifically for Peter that his hopelessness would find a solution in Christ's worthiness and that he would begin to attend a Church that seeks to accurately represent what God has said.

Please also pray for the others who heard the good news today, that God would draw them unto Himself as they began to read a Bible!

Saturday 9 March 2019

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As usual the team headed into the heart of Brisbane city, on another Saturday night that God had given them, with the intention of sharing the message of the Gospel to those who were willing to listen.

It was exciting to see another night where many conversations were had, again over fifty took place! Praise God for such a wonderful location with so many conversations to be had!

From tonight you can hear Matt raise a couple to pray for, who originally professed Buddhism but as they saw the existence of God, the judgement that sin deserves and that no amount of good deeds or "karma" could ever pay the penalty for bad deeds that there needs to be a better solution!

Praise God that their eyes seemed to be opened and they desired to know about what God had done to save sinners!

Next hear and encouragement from George about two conversations he had with people who were close to Christianity but had misunderstood the person of Jesus and the way to Heaven.

Please be praying for those that heard the message that God would bring them unto salvation!

Wednesday 6 March 2019

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As the Wednesday outreach began the team were reminded that summer in Australia hasn't quite left yet. Meaning it was a nice and warm day where many people remained in the square to talk and engage. Due to some team members being away on holiday the team started mostly in the shade near the road, where conversations are harder to start as usual, despite many rejections the team were able to get into conversations and and early conversation was had with an older gentleman.

This man asserted that he would be all okay on judgement day because he was a nice guy. He was shown God's law and tried to brush off his guilt by arguing that God forgives all. He was shown God's utter hatred of evil and that therefore someone must pay. He wasn't keen to talk and hear the good news and was very seriously warned of his current eternal destination, Hell.

There were two similar conversations had with Trudi and Elaine. They both were seated in the square in the shade and were approached and asked about eternity. Both had very little idea about God and then slowly but surely heard piece by piece of who God is and what He has asked of us, how we have failed and what the solution is. Both seemed to be understanding, at least in part and were able to articulate back a simple Gospel.

Please be praying for these two that this exposure to Christianity would lead them to search out more, that they would read a Bible, talk to a Christian friend or even come to a saving knowledge simply through this conversation and want nothing more than to trust in Christ alone for their salvation!

Oppositely later in the afternoon two other conversations were had with Andrew and Brendan. Similarly they knew very little about Christianity but instead of listening, engaging and seeking to understand every time a point was raised or they were shown something that made sense they both simply said, "I don't believe that" or "I think that's just true for you". Instead of humbling themselves to hear what God had said they proudly declared their own foolish ideas and to their loss neither of them came to understand the Gospel.

Please be praying that God would graciously show them their pride and show that their are trying to numb their consciences hiding behind their faulty arguments. Please pray that God may open their eyes and enable them to be willing to listen next time an opportunity is provided for them to hear His good news of salvation for sinners.

An interesting conversation was had with Maree an older lady who wasn't able to chat long, said she had a Catholic background but at the same time said no one would know what would happen after we die. She was shown God's law quickly and therefore it was pointed out that no one can get to Heaven based on their goodness. She had to run to a meeting but was encouraged to read the Gospel of John to see who Jesus really is.

There were other conversations where people responded positively, another lady named Marie, who heard the Gospel and asked for a local Church she could attend and Katie who also was so interested she asked for a contact number for a local pastor so she could find out more!

Please be praying for those who heard that they would remember, reflect and want to know more. Please be praying for those who rejected before hearing that God may do as He pleases but that if it is His will He would graciously let them hear the Gospel and for those who responded positively that they would begin to read their Bibles and start attending local Churches coming to know God more and more each day!

Saturday 2 March 2019

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Saturday night in Brisbane city was awesome! There were 19 team members that made it out and over 50 conversations about the way to Heaven that took place!

Praise God for providing labourers and for bringing to the team people He had been preparing beforehand.

In this video you can hear Andrew share about a conversation he had with a Hindu couple who have come to Australia to do their PhD's. They had never heard the Gospel before and now said they want to know more.

Lee-Anne had a conversation with a young couple, where the guy professed to be an agnostic and the girl said she was a Christian. Through the law they saw their sin and came to an understanding of how one is made right before God.

Lastly, hear John share about how he was able to share who Jesus is and what He did to save us to a Muslim lady that stopped by to speak with the team.

Praise God for such encouraging conversations! Please be praying for those who heard the truth tonight that they would come to Christ and find forgiveness and freedom from sin.

Wednesday 27 February 2019

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On Wednesday the team headed into Brisbane city. The cloud cover kept the temperatures down and made for a pleasant afternoon of evangelism. It must be noted that there is great encouragement in a local business man who spends his lunch time out in the city with the team. What a wonderful way for him to use the small amount of free time God allows him to have during the day.

The first conversation of the afternoon was also really encouraging. A local business man, Steve had been talking to his Catholic friend Akshay about the Gospel and even bought him down to speak with the team and he was taken through the flip chart and was challenged on some points. It was wonderful to see that this local business man was wanting his friend to hear the Gospel again, so not only has he been speaking about Christ himself but also was willing to encourage a dialogue with the team!

Please be praying for this pair as they have been encouraged to read Romans 3-5 together!

An exciting conversation was had with a Finnish lady named Taruk. She at first said she hoped to go to Heaven but wasn't sure if she would. She was taken through the law and saw her sin and then heard the Gospel. When challenged on what it meant to "believe" in Jesus, she said that she did. This changed the conversation slightly. It became apparent that she knew about God but seemed to be living her own way. She was challenged on a range of things and ultimately was encouraged to open up her Bible and read the Gospel of John and to start attending a local church with her housemate.

Please be praying that Taruk tonight would be bought into the kingdom of His marvelous light!

A conversation was had with Michael. It was a surprising conversation. He wasn't religious but believed in God. He was shown why God's authority over Creation is important, why God's goodness demands justice and why God's Holiness cannot ignore evil. A very exciting part of the conversation was that he seemed to have no-religious baggage. This meant that he understood the Gospel with ease.

There was no large amount of effort required to explain the Gospel different ways but it was a simple and clear presentation. He heard about Christ's sacrificial death on the cross and asked whether or not that means people can just sin as much as they want. Then he heard that we cannot because those who believe in the Gospel will be changed by it and will out of gratefulness to God, turn from sin. The conversation went like this for a while and Michael had no trouble understanding.

To finish off, the challenge was placed before him, "Who is your God"? (As this is what his name means).

Please be praying for those who heard the truth today. Also for those who took tracts or were even asked questions as they walked by. Please specifically commit these three who heard the Gospel today in prayer that God may work in their hearts and lives tonight.

Saturday 23 February 2019

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This week in Brisbane City the team headed out and had many conversations. One exciting stand out was a man who returned to speak with Trinity.

In the previous conversations he had mentioned past frustrations from the Church and was against going to Church and reading the Bible but by the work of God, it seems that his past pain is being softened and he was willing to read God's word!

Also hear Andrew encourage you, as he was encouraged and was able to encourage some local Christians to be obedient to God, despite fear of man.

Hear how you can be encouraged to be bold and to be a good witness for Christ, even though you may fear that you don't have the words to speak.

Wednesday 20 February 2019

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Wednesday afternoon in Brisbane city was an afternoon with encouraging conversations but also a great reminder. Often whilst evangelising we can end up in "apologetics mode", when we are too busy trying to "prove" Christianity is right that we forget, that apologetics don't save people. It is also important to note that until someone actually understands the Gospel, they will be arguing to convince themselves that they are good without God and therefore don't need the Bible's rules.

This was the case during two conversations on Wednesday. The main aim was forgotten and much time was wasted in engaging with someone about the importance of Christianity when in fact, they actually had no idea what Jesus taught. This happens occasionally and it was always a good reminder as to why the Gospel is the most important part of any Gospel conversation.

These conversations happened with Sarah and Luke. Thankfully God is sovereign and can use conversations with purely apologetics to bring someone to a desire to speak to a Christian or to read a Bible in their own time. Therefore, please be praying that these two will consider the many places their current ideas about the world are faulty and therefore come to seek what God has to say. Also, you could take the moment to praise God for using faulty, fallible people to save others and glorify Himself!

A tough conversation was had with a young man. He worked in a local store. Most of the things he believed about God and the afterlife relied on things he had seen or experienced whilst on drugs. This wasn't a good starting point. He didn't care about God and wasn't interested in God's law, instead he loved sin. He happily acknowledged, later in the conversation that his love for the things God hates was the real reason for his rejection of God but he wasn't moved.

He was taken through God's law and at each moment tried to use some sort of argument to change the topic, to take away the sting or the reality of what He had done but at each moment as it was bought back to the law, the guilt was displayed. It reached a point when realised the problem he was in, that the law had revealed his sin and he knew he was guilty. At this moment, he left, in an attempt to flee from the reality of sin. Sadly, he never got to hear the Gospel because he loved his sin, despite knowing it was wrong.

Please be praying for this man that he would not be able to numb or sear his conscience but would be drawn by his guilt to the only one who can take it away!

Saturday 9 February 2019

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On Saturday night in King George Square the team had a wonderful night of outreach. An early conversation was had with a SDA man.

This man, named Fernando, professed that he was a teacher of God's word and that he knew what he was talking about. The problem, he wasn't really teaching God's word but his own ideas. He was challenged on the Gospel but was unwillingly to acknowledge it. At this point it was decided to cut the conversation short, encourage him to read Romans 3-5 and pray that God would us His word to change this mans heart because he wasn't listening to what was being said.

Another man who was a local church-goer named Ricky, professed to be believing in Christ and justification by faith alone. Yet, he was unsure if he would get to Heaven because he did a lot of wrong things.

This is a surprisingly common issue. There are so many "Christians" the team run across, that profess (as protestants) justification by faith but live as though they are made right before God on the basis of how good their lives are.

Ricky was taken through the law, shown that he had no righteousness of his own and was explained the Gospel. The beauty of double imputation was even shared and Ricky seemed to, for the first time in his life, understand that we are made right before God, entirely on the basis of who Jesus is and what He has done. It was a moment of great joy.

Please be praying that his knowledge of God changes Ricky's life and that he can now live in freedom and joy in Christ.

Two other conversations were had with Stephen and Ashish. They both had other religions as their background but had just ultimately made up their own ideas. These men were challenged by the law and the Gospel and were left with the choice, trust God and what He has done, or perish eternally. Sadly at this stage both chose to continue to worship themselves and their ideas.

Please be praying for all those who heard the Gospel that they will be humbled by God's love and come to a reliance upon Christ, being adopted into God's family.

Wednesday 6 February 2019

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On Wednesday in King George Square, there were many conversations. Some longer than others, some people more receptive and some just unwilling to talk.

There were two business men, sitting on the same bench who at different levels declined to talk. The first said he didn't want to think about his death and briskly walked off almost straight away when asked, "What do you think will happen to you when you die?". The second engaged in a few questions, had his core beliefs challenged simply by being asked the question, "What has convinced you that is true?" to which a number of times he had no answer but to say, "I just feel like it". He too then had to leave quite quickly.

A man spoken with soon after was a Kiwi, named Brendan. He rightly pointed out the glaring hypocrisy of many false Churches, from the Catholic church to the Word of Faith movement he rightly criticised them and was angry that they would so openly misrepresent God and yet people would still follow them.

But the sad part was that Brendan had used this as his justification against believing in God. He had rejected God on the basis of wicked men who claimed to represent Him. It was pointed out that this wasn't a very good reason and he was shown the law, that he too preached a better message then he lived and therefore he needed the Saviour.

The Gospel was explained and Brendan took a tract as he headed back to work. Please be praying that the challenge placed before Brendan would be one that he would consider.

A conversation was had with a business women, Zoe. She at first declared that people love religion because they love answers and so religion is now losing its hold on people because science can give us answers. Then when she was posed with a few questions, she responded that science didn't have the answers to these big questions. Then she went on to say, that she didn't need answers to these things. It was clear that she was grasping at straws and contradicting herself but she couldn't see it.

Then she said that religion is for people who need assurance about an afterlife. She said that people aren't smart enough to comprehend non-existence, therefore we need to believe there is something after we die, that there will be some reason for this life. It was point out to her that the opposite is true. She was hoping that there was nothing, so that she could convince herself there is nothing to worry about, no accountability and therefore she can live however she wants.

Zoe sadly was blinded by her pride and her love of self. She couldn't understand the irony in her comments and was sure what she was saying was consistent. Then she was shown the law and heard the Gospel and said, "you won't change my mind, I just want to live my way". It was a sobering thought that she was willing to ignore things that were directly contradictory about what she believed, simply to try and quieten her conscience to the reality of God's judgement.

Among other conversations the final conversation of the afternoon was with Charissa. She had some sort of Christian background but didn't know the Gospel. Over the discussion she heard many explanations for who God is, why He must be a being, why He cares about justice, how He must punish wickedness and therefore what He has done so that the wicked can be forgiven. She came to understand the Gospel and was strongly encouraged to consider what God had said.

Please be praying for those that heard the Gospel today, or even an introduction to it. Please be praying that God would be working in hearts and lives so that they may come to understand what God has done and to trust in Him!

Praise God that He uses feeble messengers to preach His Gospel and even consider joining us sometime!

An encouragement in this area is that a local Christian business man, comes down during his lunch hour to join the team in sharing the Gospel! During his hour on the street yesterday he had three Gospel conversations! Imagine what God could do through you if you joined the team during your lunch hour!

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