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Friday 1 February 2019

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Not long after setting up the Bible table, a man who had parked close by stepped out onto the footpath, walked straight up asking nicely “what do you have here?” After saying a few things about the ministry he saw 'free Bibles' on the banner, he said someone he knows would love a Bible.

P ended up sharing how he is helping his niece S who is very sick, he has devoted himself to being her full time carer. The Bible he requested was for his niece, he was saying it will help her. He says that S is a Christian. We agreed that a large print Bible for his niece would be better so we offered to get one to give to her and we will bring it next week.

The focus then was to P as I asked if he believes. P says he has been blessed to grow up with a family who are Christian and it is all he has known. As I started to ask him questions about Eternity and what happens when we die, Rick arrived. We were able to check where P is with God. He thought he was going to heaven because he always helped people. So P wasn’t understanding the Gospel. After going through the law with the flip chart he agreed that he was deserving of hell punishment and what Jesus had done on the cross is what saves us. Any good works we do is not going to save us, we explained to him.

Pray God will use the visual from the flip chart of the hell punishment Jesus bore upon himself, and His perfect blood shed for those who turn to Him for forgiveness of sins to receive His righteousness by faith, trusting in Him alone in what He has done for us on the cross. He showed us his power and victory by rising from the grave. Jesus is alive! it is finished! the work is done. Pray God will give P His grace and a deep Love for Him, and bring him gratitude and thankfulness to receive Jesus. Pray P will open his bible and read God’s Word and get to know and live his life for God’s glory and purposes. He was given tracts also to remind him of the Gospel. So pray he reads his Bible with God’s Spirit to guide him and also for his niece in the difficult time she is going through. Pray he will come back to pick up the Bible we will have for S.

The past 2 weeks we’ve had lots of encouragement in believers checking out the ministry and sharing with us their love for Jesus. Getting to know them better has been great. There has been some from out of town too, and they are encouraged to see the good news going out here at Warwick.

It’s also good to build up and challenge our brothers and sisters in Christ to share Jesus every opportunity we are given. We who are His children are privileged to be a part of His work. Gospel tracts are a good resource to be able to plant the Gospel in many places and situations and they are going places where we don’t go. Let’s spread the great and wonderful news of salvation and use everything God has given us to reach out to the people. We give thanks to God and give Him all the Glory for His Sovereign work.

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