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Wednesday 6 February 2019

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On Wednesday in King George Square, there were many conversations. Some longer than others, some people more receptive and some just unwilling to talk.

There were two business men, sitting on the same bench who at different levels declined to talk. The first said he didn't want to think about his death and briskly walked off almost straight away when asked, "What do you think will happen to you when you die?". The second engaged in a few questions, had his core beliefs challenged simply by being asked the question, "What has convinced you that is true?" to which a number of times he had no answer but to say, "I just feel like it". He too then had to leave quite quickly.

A man spoken with soon after was a Kiwi, named Brendan. He rightly pointed out the glaring hypocrisy of many false Churches, from the Catholic church to the Word of Faith movement he rightly criticised them and was angry that they would so openly misrepresent God and yet people would still follow them.

But the sad part was that Brendan had used this as his justification against believing in God. He had rejected God on the basis of wicked men who claimed to represent Him. It was pointed out that this wasn't a very good reason and he was shown the law, that he too preached a better message then he lived and therefore he needed the Saviour.

The Gospel was explained and Brendan took a tract as he headed back to work. Please be praying that the challenge placed before Brendan would be one that he would consider.

A conversation was had with a business women, Zoe. She at first declared that people love religion because they love answers and so religion is now losing its hold on people because science can give us answers. Then when she was posed with a few questions, she responded that science didn't have the answers to these big questions. Then she went on to say, that she didn't need answers to these things. It was clear that she was grasping at straws and contradicting herself but she couldn't see it.

Then she said that religion is for people who need assurance about an afterlife. She said that people aren't smart enough to comprehend non-existence, therefore we need to believe there is something after we die, that there will be some reason for this life. It was point out to her that the opposite is true. She was hoping that there was nothing, so that she could convince herself there is nothing to worry about, no accountability and therefore she can live however she wants.

Zoe sadly was blinded by her pride and her love of self. She couldn't understand the irony in her comments and was sure what she was saying was consistent. Then she was shown the law and heard the Gospel and said, "you won't change my mind, I just want to live my way". It was a sobering thought that she was willing to ignore things that were directly contradictory about what she believed, simply to try and quieten her conscience to the reality of God's judgement.

Among other conversations the final conversation of the afternoon was with Charissa. She had some sort of Christian background but didn't know the Gospel. Over the discussion she heard many explanations for who God is, why He must be a being, why He cares about justice, how He must punish wickedness and therefore what He has done so that the wicked can be forgiven. She came to understand the Gospel and was strongly encouraged to consider what God had said.

Please be praying for those that heard the Gospel today, or even an introduction to it. Please be praying that God would be working in hearts and lives so that they may come to understand what God has done and to trust in Him!

Praise God that He uses feeble messengers to preach His Gospel and even consider joining us sometime!

An encouragement in this area is that a local Christian business man, comes down during his lunch hour to join the team in sharing the Gospel! During his hour on the street yesterday he had three Gospel conversations! Imagine what God could do through you if you joined the team during your lunch hour!

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