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Saturday 23 February 2019

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  Despite the strong winds, the team decided to go ahead with the Bribie Island Outreach.  A number of people took tracts and several conversations were had.  With the wind howling and the tracts flying, Michael found a relatively sheltered spot to set up his flipchart.

  Norgan, Jasmine, Shirley, and Charise went through the Good Person Test.  They were originally joking and laughing, but by the time they reached the law, they were sufficiently serious and understood their guilt.  They presented some very good and thoughtful questions.  They left with answers and a fuller understanding of the Gospel.  They each took an Ultimate Questions booklet.  Please pray for them.

   One of the young ladies on our team gave a Gospel tract to an elderly lady and was called back later to be informed of her severe “indoctrination” by her parents through the teaching of Christianity.  When she was asked what she believed, she hurriedly decided it was time to leave.  In the course of the conversation, however, the woman heard the entire gospel presented. 

  Also, a gentleman from the fish and chip shop took and read a Gospel tract, and then proceeded to share it with all of his fellow staff, which was very encouraging.

  Overall, the weather was not conducive to many people, but please pray for fruit in the lives of those who were there and heard the Gospel.  Pray for those also who refused tracts, that God would soften their heart and move them to repentance and faith.  We can definitely see the opposition to the Gospel.  Pray that Christ would grow His church, and that He would thrust forth labourers with willing hearts to do His work.

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