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Friday 1 March 2019

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The first person who God brought along this week was a man who has a carer that I have spoken with several times. They had parked close to the Bible table and the Carer said to the man that he could stop with me for chat while she went in the bank. It was a wonderful time to share the news of our need for Jesus to save us from our sins and how Jesus helps in our every need. I don’t know how much he understood but he nods his head and seems to be agreeing he has been given tracts before. Today I asked if he would like a new testament pocket bible, he was so happy to receive, we opened it to look at the Lords prayer because that had been knitted in to what I had spoken to him about today. Pray for L as God can do all things that seem impossible to us and we know His ways are abundantly more than we could ever imagine.

God has His people praying for this work and we are so thankful for the connections to people in different denominations here in Warwick and other towns close by. Today a couple from Stanthorpe were encouraged to see the work of God through this ministry. We had a good chat. Then another lady from a local Church had told me that they pray every Sunday for the ministry work. How beautiful is that to know so many others are a part of this work. The church we attend are faithfully praying also and through people reading these reports we write. Thank God for the blessing to share in prayer it even crosses the oceans. We are most grateful to know that Jesus makes perfect intercession to our Father in heaven as we pray. 

I got to talk with J again from 2 weeks ago. He is the older gentleman who says he won’t believe. But again the Lord was able to challenge him through a cracked vessel like me to turn from unbelief. God helped me with speaking to J,  he always wants to stop and he says that it is good what I'm trying to do and he respects me. I think he knows that I genuinely care for him but I tell him I’m just a sign post pointing him to his greatest need. We have explained sin by the law and the grace of Jesus to him and continue to remind him with this truth in love.

Then I got to talk with a young man who said he is an Atheist. He was challenged to make sure what he believes is true. He took a “Are you a good person”  comic tract and a “ What is more important than water” tract. He told me he is from out of town for his grandfathers funeral and cut the conversation off saying it wasn’t a good time for this. As he was walking up the street he was reading the tract, he was walking slowly and I prayed to God for him to be stirred in his heart and given truth. I also prayed he might come back. So I grabbed two booklets ready to offer him just in case.  The booklets were “Where did the races come from” and “carbon dating” we had a short conversation on both these topics.

Not long after Rick and Dale arrived this man came through again! He was with another man, Rick gave the other guy a tract and found out they were from Darwin. I was able to offer the young man the booklets I said, Please look into these things, this is what we were talking about," He received them gladly, Praise God. Lets pray he will read them through carefully and check out what he believes and not just go on what the world says as it is a big lie. There is no proof at all in evolution and there is so much evidence in creation science. The great thing in these booklets from Creation Ministries is they clearly share the Gospel in with the teaching of creation. This is vital as we know the Gospel is what saves sinners not knowledge or in anything we can do. Only the work of Jesus. We pray people will be saved and given a new heart, then they will begin to understand God’s Word and know it to be true because God’s Spirit will bring understanding for the believer. Some things are stumbling blocks though and giving answers from the Bible best. We pray that this may be the way God draws them to believe.

We had a older man who lives out of town stop and hear the message of the Gospel. He was open and wanting to know the way to be made right with God to be able to enter heaven. He acknowledged his sin and hell punishment we all deserve. We explained the court room analogy about the payment of sin, justice and grace. Also the parachute analogy to the trust in Jesus alone to save us. Please pray for D he took tracts and has a Bible at home, we encouraged him to open and read the Gospel’s. We challenged him not to put off salvation as we don’t know when our last day will be and that we need to respond to God’s grace before we die.

We hope for rain in the dry places but more important we pray for the gentle washing waters of the Holy Spirit bringing life to hard and stony hearts.

Thank you for praying. To God be the Glory.

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