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Wednesday 6 March 2019

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As the Wednesday outreach began the team were reminded that summer in Australia hasn't quite left yet. Meaning it was a nice and warm day where many people remained in the square to talk and engage. Due to some team members being away on holiday the team started mostly in the shade near the road, where conversations are harder to start as usual, despite many rejections the team were able to get into conversations and and early conversation was had with an older gentleman.

This man asserted that he would be all okay on judgement day because he was a nice guy. He was shown God's law and tried to brush off his guilt by arguing that God forgives all. He was shown God's utter hatred of evil and that therefore someone must pay. He wasn't keen to talk and hear the good news and was very seriously warned of his current eternal destination, Hell.

There were two similar conversations had with Trudi and Elaine. They both were seated in the square in the shade and were approached and asked about eternity. Both had very little idea about God and then slowly but surely heard piece by piece of who God is and what He has asked of us, how we have failed and what the solution is. Both seemed to be understanding, at least in part and were able to articulate back a simple Gospel.

Please be praying for these two that this exposure to Christianity would lead them to search out more, that they would read a Bible, talk to a Christian friend or even come to a saving knowledge simply through this conversation and want nothing more than to trust in Christ alone for their salvation!

Oppositely later in the afternoon two other conversations were had with Andrew and Brendan. Similarly they knew very little about Christianity but instead of listening, engaging and seeking to understand every time a point was raised or they were shown something that made sense they both simply said, "I don't believe that" or "I think that's just true for you". Instead of humbling themselves to hear what God had said they proudly declared their own foolish ideas and to their loss neither of them came to understand the Gospel.

Please be praying that God would graciously show them their pride and show that their are trying to numb their consciences hiding behind their faulty arguments. Please pray that God may open their eyes and enable them to be willing to listen next time an opportunity is provided for them to hear His good news of salvation for sinners.

An interesting conversation was had with Maree an older lady who wasn't able to chat long, said she had a Catholic background but at the same time said no one would know what would happen after we die. She was shown God's law quickly and therefore it was pointed out that no one can get to Heaven based on their goodness. She had to run to a meeting but was encouraged to read the Gospel of John to see who Jesus really is.

There were other conversations where people responded positively, another lady named Marie, who heard the Gospel and asked for a local Church she could attend and Katie who also was so interested she asked for a contact number for a local pastor so she could find out more!

Please be praying for those who heard that they would remember, reflect and want to know more. Please be praying for those who rejected before hearing that God may do as He pleases but that if it is His will He would graciously let them hear the Gospel and for those who responded positively that they would begin to read their Bibles and start attending local Churches coming to know God more and more each day!

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