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Thursday 7 March 2019

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On Thursday the team headed to Sunnybank and although some members were away, seven labourers still came out. As usual this enabled many conversations to occur over the course of the afternoon. The afternoon due to the bus schedule was mostly shorter introductory conversations.

First was with Ohanlina. She said she believed God exists and that God will judge each person but then went on to declare that God is so good, so he won't have to punish. It was shown that it is actually God's goodness that means He must punish evil.

Next conversation was with Nancy. She was pretty sure she'd be going to Heaven because she said she'd never done anything wrong. She was asked if she'd ever told a lie and admitted that she had but without a moments hesitation she then proceeded to explain why the lies she had told were required and not that bad.

Later a conversation was had with a Sikh couple. The lady did most of the talking and said she too was good and deserved Heaven. She was shown her guilt via the law and then proceeded to say, "I don't think you will be helping us by keeping on talking, we're not at a stage in life to consider this".

In response the absolute seriousness of death and the reality of its possible timing was stressed and they were left with the challenge, "How will you be made right before God?"

A more encouraging conversation was had with Ben. At first he was hesitant to chat but then what ensued was an almost twenty minute discussion where Ben came to understand much of Christianity and instead of being dismissive and not listening he happily engaged and was willing to be challenged. He saw God's Holiness, his own sin, the penalty his sin deserves and the only hope for sinners. He didn't get to be challenged fully as his bus arrived at the end but praise God that a man who originally was dismissive and uninterested was willing to talk and be challenged.

A short conversation was also had with Anna who was willing to chat and saw that God must exist, that He will hold us accountable for how we have lived and therefore that each person is in trouble as long as they are trusting in themselves to get to Heaven. Then her bus arrived.

Lastly the afternoon was finished off with a sad conversation. A young Chinese man was being lead through the Gospel and after hearing a simple apologetic for God's existence was being shown God's law. As the law was being used as a mirror another man who had tried to interrupt earlier made a stronger attempt to stop the conversation and then began to slander the team member. His efforts successfully stopped this other man from hearing the Gospel.

Sadly this man, went on to share how he was a "Christian" but it turned out that he believed baptism and speaking in tongues were required to be saved. He proclaimed to be an evangelist himself but had not only stopped a Gospel conversation from taking place and thwarting a persons opportunity to hear, said that he preferred to just "heal" people and let God do the rest. He was very sternly warned, that as long as he continues to trust in his "good works" to save him, he will be held accountable for wrong deed he has ever done and that happened to include stopping a man from hearing the Gospel.

Please be praying for those who today had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Please be praying that God would use these tracts, the short conversations had or the questions asked to bring some into His family! Please also pray for this false teacher, that he would either come to know God truly or that God would remove his opportunity and influence. Praise God that he is sovereign and that no events occur that are apart from His plan!

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