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Monday 11 March 2019

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Monday at Capalaba was an exciting day filled with a range of catch up conversations and some new people hearing the Gospel. It started with a short conversation with a lady named Amy.

She said she believed in reincarnation and was challenged on that. She was shown that there must be a God, with the building builder analogy and saw that because there is a God there is accountability for our actions. She began to hear God's law but her bus arrived so she took a tract.

An exciting beginning to a conversation was with Glenis and her daughter Kiana. They had once been apart of the JW religion but around ten years earlier they had been disfellowshipped for something that Glenis did wrong. This meant that her family didn't want to talk with her or have anything to do with her and therefore was left alone separated from her family. This began a conversation showing them what Jesus had really said about eternity and they came to understand and were being shown through God's law as their bus arrived.

They were encouraged to read John's Gospel and were given tracts each. They were interested in talking more in the future and said they will come back to talk!

Next to hear was Amber who had spoken to the team before and spoke to two team members today. She was challenged strongly in the Gospel. Most notably was the challenge to not just acknowledge it is true but to actually trust Jesus. As she seemed to know the Gospel but just wasn't trusting in Jesus.

Another conversation was had with Aidan who has spoken to the team quite a number of times now. He acknowledges that that Bible is true that God exists and that Jesus alone can save but he just seems to be finding different excuses or things so that he "can't" trust Jesus. This week it was about God being Jealous and he said, "Isn't it a sin for God to be jealous?" A discussion was started explaining this and he was once again challenged to consider what God has said, not just to acknowledge it as true but to ponder how seriously it will affect his eternity.

A young couple were approached. Will and Tabitha were their names. They at first said they didn't know if God exists and were shown the building builder analogy and said it made sense. They were then shown why God will hold those in His world accountable and as they heard God's law they realised very quickly their guilt. In God's timing their bus arrived and they had to leave but they said they would stop to chat if we saw them again!

There was a quickly re-engaged conversation with Rachel who was talking about "god" being unconditional love. That it is love itself that is the god. This was touched on and she was shown why God must be personal and it was pointed out what problems arose if God was impersonal and just a force. She seemed to struggle to understand but was happy to be challenged.

She was unsure about how justice in this world worked as she was talking about karma and the law of cause and effect but saw that it wasn't sufficient to deal with sin. Her bus arrived as well and she was encouraged to read a tract and she too said she would be interested in talking with the team again.

The last conversation of the afternoon was with Damien. He overheard another conversation and when asked he mentioned that he had spoken to another team member. He said that he didn't think he could believe in God because of all the evil in this world. He was shown the two fold problem with such a statement. Firstly, that we only know what evil is because God created the world to be good and secondly, that it is humanity who is guilty for the evil. It is our fault that this world is a mess.

This made sense to him and he was challenged to strongly re-consider the Gospel in light of this, that he too was apart of the problem of evil in this world and that one day he would have to stand before his creator. He was reminded that his only hope is if Jesus has paid his debt on the cross.

Please be praying for those who spoke to the team and were happy to engage. Praise God that so many conversations were had. Please also be praying that God would seek to enable continued conversations with those who were willing to hear more, so that they may come to a fuller understanding of who God is and what He has done to save sinners.

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