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Saturday 9 March 2019

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Still no rain for most of us here, but trust in God’s perfect time it will come. A man in his 90’s stopped to receive a tract and he told us he has a bible on display at home. When he was asked if he reads it he answered not very often. He was very chatty and we eventually got to ask him some important questions about what he believes.

He went off track a lot and in his chatting had told us he believes in UFO’s. When we took him through the good person test he would not admit to breaking any of the commandments even when asked about the first Commandment, to Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind, he didn’t think it was wrong because he said he doesn’t know God.

He wasn’t saying he didn’t believe in God, he was demanding God to fix everything and that he wasn’t doing a good job. We tried to explain to him that God is good in all He does. We need to know who God is, and the bible and the words of Jesus teaches us how we can know God that He is Holy and perfectly good and that we all are sinners in need of His forgiveness of sin.

We also said to the man to say you have no sin you are saying God is a liar and you are putting yourself in the place of God and breaking the second commandment. He was hard to talk with, as he really was not listening. He became upset and started saying God should give us rain now.  He was very proud and told us he is not a sinner but instead he said Jesus was a sinner. 

As we were trying reason with him he became upset and left. It was very sad to see his attitude toward God and we didn’t have a chance to share the Gospel in words but he did take a tract and we know God’s Spirit is what is needed to change his heart. Pray for T for the work that is needed to be saved.

Only minutes after he left a lady come towards us with her wheelie walker and a carer not far behind her, the lady had a sweet smile and happily received “ Everything happens for a reason tract” she said that is so true. Then I said to her that it is the message about eternity and asked her if she thinks she is going to heaven.

She shared how she had become a believer 2 years ago. I asked her what happened and if she could tell me. The lady shared that she was watching a movie about the Bible and she told me the part where Jesus was talking with the women at the well, it was when Jesus told the Samaritan women, that He is what she has been looking for. This is what God used to touch her heart to believe in Jesus for eternal life.

This dear lady told me she could never go back to where she was. I asked her some questions using our tracts about how the bad news is needed to appreciate the good news, and W was visually and verbally grateful. She reads her bible twice a day and goes to a local church. After she left I was amazed at the contrast of the hearts of the elderly man and this frail women’s heart. It was so beautiful to see God’s work in this lady and sad to see the man’s rejection of God.

And it made me think how we would all be like that man if it wasn’t for the grace of God that changed our hearts to believe in Jesus, the way the truth and the life the only way to the Father by His Spirits work in us. 

At the end of the day a young man stopped after receiving a tract, and asked what it was about, after a short conversation he was then taken through the law using the flip chart, he was admitting sin and after the courtroom analogy about judgment day he was agreeing that he would be guilty and be going to hell.

He said he wasn’t concerned, as we talked more he told me briefly about something that had happened in his life and it seemed to me he was holding a heavy load of guilt. After doing my best to explain the mercy and justice of God and His kind offer of forgiveness, the Gospel was explained and his need to trust in Jesus alone to saved from eternal judgment. Only by God’s grace through faith in Jesus will anyone want to get know Jesus and desire to live for Him and His glory.

Please pray for T and all the people who received tracts and those who we had conversations with that God will use it all to do the good work to bring repentance and faith to be saved. Pray also those who may need to talk or any help from us will come back to see us.

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