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Thursday 14 March 2019

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At Sunnybank the cloud cover provided some respite from the last few days of scorching heat but as always despite the weather, the Gospel goes forth!

The first conversation was with a gentleman who said he knows God exists and was willing to talk briefly but was trusting in his own goodness to get himself to Heaven. Just as he was being shown the law, his bus arrived and the conversation came to a close. He took a tract and was encouraged to read it.

A young lady named Abby was approached and after a few early questions where she didn't give very clear answers it turns out that she had been speaking with the JW's. She then went on to say that she has lots of questions to ask them but they don't seem to be able to answer them. As she started to raise some of the questions related to the Gospel her bus arrived and she too, took a tract and left.

Soon two similar conversations took place with George then Matt. They were both unsure about what comes after death, where shown how we know God exists, why we often don't want God to exist and the desperate position our sin has placed us in, on the path to Hell. Both were stressed with the seriousness of judgement, the unpredictability of when it will occur and were given a tract sharing the solution as they hopped on their respective buses.

An interesting double conversation took place with a construction worker on his way home, which was then taken over by a man who often engages with the team. This builder was shown how we know God exists and his only argument was, "I don't believe that". When shown again that disbelieving in something so clear was unwise, especially when it wasn't done out of a desire for truth but out of a desire to obscure to truth in order to numb ones conscience and an attempt to avoid judgement, the only person it was hurting was himself.

He was shown God's law which revealed his sin and the conversation here got tough as he just more vehemently tried to avoid his guilt by attempting to suppress the truth of God's existence. It was at this time with a man who often comes past, who had been listening in and trying to join in the conversation with some snarky comments pushed in with his argument, "Well if you say that everything that is created needs a Creator, who created God?" to which the response was given, "God doesn't have a beginning, He wasn't created, therefore He doesn't need a creator".

This began a conversation that showed incredible irony and the willful and continual attempts of this man to suppress the truth at all costs. Every time an attempt to share God's law and the Gospel was made he would try and derail it with an unrelated objection. Sometimes the objection was addressed other times it was ignored. The issue though wasn't that this man had a lot of legitimate questions, rather he had a sin fueled desire to avoid the truth about God.

At one stage when this was pointed out in conversation he said, "Well what is it that I have done so wrong that I deserve Hell?" To which he was asked, "Have you ever told a lie?" with the response, "Yes many times". At first he tried to contain the guilt by responding, "But lying isn't that bad". "It is according to the God vehemently loves truth" was the response. Followed by, "Have you ever stolen anything?" "No."

"You've never taken something that wasn't yours, never pirated movies or tv shows," He was asked. "Well yes, but it wasn't much," He responded. But at this point seeing his guilt, it was conversation over and he almost perfectly did what was pointed out that he was doing. He did everything he could to try and suppress the truth. He declared that the team had simply been batting off the things he said as untrue without any reason. When in reality the polar opposite had taken place.

He then said, "Because all you've been doing is dissmissing me, I am going to dismiss you". He then marched off to the other end of the bus stop and threw a couple of profanities back on his way.

As you have read this, it is our hope and prayer that you do not view this man as the enemy. He is rather a desperately lost soul that is believing any lie that enables him to suppress the knowledge of God's existence and his own guilt. It is our prayer that you too will begin to pray for this man, every Thursday morning, that God would use the teams witness to him to shake him out of his sinful rebellion and that he will come to be a child of the living God, where he once was so opposed to God that he would turn around and become an ambassador for Christ!

The afternoon actually had many more conversations but one worth noting was with a young man named Tony. He at first said he wasn't interested in thinking about God. Was shown how we know God exists and why it matters. And was taken through God's law and shown to be desperately guilty like the rest of us. But he still was unmoved. It turns out that he has his own human court date in a few weeks where he is in quite serious trouble and said that is all he could think about.

With this information, it was pointed out to him that in this human court he may be found guilty and will be in quite serious trouble but the penalty in comparison to God's sentence will be infinitely less. He has a more important court date, when he will stand before the Creator of this world and he will be found guilty and sentenced to eternal Hell unless someone else has paid his Hell punishment. It was even pointed out that he may stand before God before the court date on this earth comes. He seemed to take this seriously and took a tract.

Please be praying for those who heard the law or the Gospel today that God will, by His spirit, change hearts and cause people to trust in Him. Please be praying that others that were spoken to who brushed the matter off as unimportant would come to see how serious eternity is and will be prepared and willing to talk next time they are offered a chance to hear what God has done to save sinners.

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