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Friday 15 March 2019

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Thanks be our our God our loving heavenly Father for sending us some much needed rain. It sure has been pretty dry out here in Warwick and surrounding areas, to receive some was such a blessing. When we lived back in Brisbane we didn’t think much about rain and drought but out here in the country it is essential to keep the livestock fed and for the crops to grow. It has been a learning curve for us to sympathise with the locals who earn their bread and butter from the land. It was a bit cooler as we started the day handing out some Gospel tracts.

R has been coming to the bible table fairly regularly over the last few months and each time we try to encourage and challenge him to get right with the Lord. We are not exactly sure where he is but the signs are encouraging for he say’s he want’s to get to know Jesus and desires to get a device which has an audible bible on it. We have looked into this and will help to get this for him. Please pray that the Lord will continue to draw R unto salvation. 

An older gentleman stopped when offered a tract and asked what it was about, we said it was the message about Eternity and what happens when we die, he said he didn’t know what happens.  After sharing with him that we either go to heaven or hell, he said he wants to go to heaven. Trying to draw out from him if he had any understanding of Jesus he was asked if he knew what the Christmas and Easter message was all about, but still didn’t know, but after explaining to him he remembered a few things from his childhood. He knew some of the commandments and admitted to breaking them. It was explained to him God’s Holiness and the only way to heaven is through what Jesus has done on the cross to rescue us from breaking God’s law. The Gospel was shared and K has a “What is more important than water” and “Are You a good person” tracts. Please pray our Lord reveals his need for a savior.

A lady came up to the bible table and asked if she could have a bible for her granddaughter and through our conversation she told us that she was excommunicated from the Jehovah Witnesses and was treated very badly and God used this to bring her to the true gospel. She spent quite a time with us and we were able to be a listening ear and encourage her in her faith in Jesus. Please pray for L as she has her granddaughter coming to stay and that she can pass on the good news of the gospel to her. 

We give thanks to our Lord for answering prayers in preparing peoples hearts to receive the good news of the gospel. Please keep all the teams in prayer as our Lord builds His church.

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