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Saturday 23 March 2019

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Today was an extremely encouraging time as the team held an outreach at the jetty on Bribie Island.  People were very receptive to talking and taking tracts.  Many people received gospel tracts, and about seven Bibles were taken, as well as various literature.  It is amazing to see the openness of young people in particular in talking and receiving gospel literature. 

Mark, an ex-military man, was brought up with an Anglican background.  He didn’t believe God would send him to hell because he felt he had done a lot of good in his life.  Mike shared the gospel with him and gave him some literature which he promised to read. 

Aiden and Josh, young men who weren’t sure if God existed, also went through the Good Person flipchart.  Aiden was more sceptical with many questions, while Josh listened more intently.  They left with John’s Gospel and various tracts.  

Two groups of young people asked questions about being a good person, and they received the gospel.  Several young men on the jetty heard the gospel, and later came to take Bibles.  Ruby and Renee, two young grade 6 girls, went through the Good Person Test and left with a Gospel of John each.

Please pray for these people that God would remove their spiritual blindness and move them to repentance and faith.  Pray that more people would read God’s Word and direct their lives by His truth.  Pray that God would grow His Kingdom and do a mighty work here on Bribie Island. 

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