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Saturday 30 March 2019

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The Essex Team for Operation 513 was in Stratford this afternoon. It was heaving with people. The intensity of sound and the number of people was a bit overwhelming.  As opposed to other Saturdays, amplification was allowed.

It began nicely with Jaden taking a tract from me as soon as I got there.  The only tract that was taken was the £1,000,000 pound question tract.  

Jacob had numerous conversations with the people passing through the Meridian Square. In the background, Adeboye was preaching very lively and in a compelling manner. He acted out the Gospel as well. Maybe a new George Whitefield? Maybe the authorities allowed amplified preaching after the story of Pastor Olu being arrested and de-arrested a few weeks ago. A Christian rap group performed to advertise for an outreach show to address knife-crime in London.

I had extended an conversation with Abdul, who was handing out his literature. He took a tract from me "Jesus and the Quran". Sunni Abdul went through the usual objections to Christianity with me. Jesus never said that he was God, etc. I pointed out that Jesus allowed others to worship him as God, but I didn't get very far. One comment, however,  that seemed to stick was about sin.  Abdul assured me that Muslims are very concerned about sin and always do more good than bad.  I objected that describes every other religion.  Christianity, on the other hand, trusts in Christ's perfect work on the cross for reconciliation with God.  Abdul has Joseph Gudel's Jesus and the Quran in his hand. I hope that he reads it.

I also spoke for a long time with Vitaly, the Ukrainian JW.  Vitaly  wondered why William Wilburforce was on the £1,000,000 pound tract. I explained why. His grandparents survived the Holodomor and I found some sympathy with him by speaking about history with him. I went from history to telling him how Solzhenitsyn became a Christian through the witness of Boris Kornfeld. I mentioned Acts 5 to defend tha the Holy Spirit is a person. I argued from Hebrews 1:3 that Christ is the radiance of God's glory and the express image of his being.

At the end, Jacob and I spoke to James from the rap outreach. They were hosting a live youth drama that evening to address the situation on London's streets.  North-East London is one of the hot spots for trouble.  Jacob called it a great day for outreach.  To God be the glory. 

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