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Friday 29 March 2019

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Today we were thankful to God for bringing back some people we have previously witnessed to.

One was from two months ago and the other 2 weeks ago. Firstly a man from 2 months ago who spoke with us about becoming a full-time carer for his niece. He told us she is a Christian and she would like a bible. The bibles we had were not suitable because of small print so we offered to get a bible with larger print for her. P told us he would come pick it up next time he was in town. He has since found he can not continue his caring role. We were able to give the bible to him to pass on to his niece. We have shared the gospel with him and are hopeful that God will use this to draw him to salvation as we shared that Jesus is our greatest need. We hope to see him again. Pray for both this man and his niece, for God to provide all her needs as she moves back to Brisbane and their salvation. 

Then from 2 weeks ago a husband searching for help for his wife for fellowship. He approached us with a question to where is a good Church for his wife.  I had referred him to our church as it was the closest for them to travel. Today we got to meet his wife. She told me a few things that are going on in her life. I was able to encourage her in the Lord. She said they had driven past our church and will attend this week. Both attended our church on Sunday.  

Rick had a good conversation with a man who was pretty open to questions about Eternity and has planted seeds of truth for him to consider. 

One conversation I had was with a man who had been Seventh Day Adventist, I was able to share about the lady from the other week who had been excommunicated from that religion and through being treated so badly it lead her to look more deeply into God’s Word. She had found out the truth of salvation and knows that it is not by keeping the law. Rather, we are saved but by grace we are saved through faith in Jesus. which is a gift from God. Then we follow in obedience because of thankfulness to God, empowered by God’s Spirit given to all believers to serve and obey because Jesus first loved us!

S was similar in his experience and could see that the religion of SDA is all about rule keeping.The Gospel was shared and tracts given to him just before his mate pulled him away. So we pray for grace to be poured into his life.

Many tracts were handed out. It is a good spot we have and God always has plenty of opportunities for us to have little words spoken as we hand them out. Such as “This is such an important message” or sometimes just saying “Hi, this is for you” makes them reach out to take a tract. Praise God that even through reading the Gospel on these little tracts, He can do such a big work in hearts. Thank you for praying.

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