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Thursday 4 April 2019

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On Thursday at Sunnybank again there was a team of six out. Which means there is always room for more! The afternoon was as usual filled with many shorter conversations, which is a great training ground for learning how the present the gospel quickly and clearly.

An early conversation was had with Ulwin. He has little understanding of the gospel but struggled over and over to understand grace. He talked about earning his way in at every turn. It was explained five or so times that good deeds cannot save someone. Finally it seemed that he understood it and came to grasp that it is trusting in what God has done that is the entry requirement for Heaven. All in God's perfect timing he understood this right as his bus arrived!

Later a very similar conversation took place, this time with a "Christian". When asked how someone got to Heaven he said, "Asking for forgiveness". He saw the law, his guilt, the good News and the simple response required and when asked again said, "baptism". Same process then he said, "Repenting'. By which he actually meant trying to be good. This repeated as he talked about praying, church going, communion and feeding the homeless. It seemed to take so long for him to grasp that gospel. And even at the end of it all, although he was able to answer the question correctly, "How does someone get to Heaven?" only God knows if he actually has comprehended what that means.

He was encouraged to read Romans 3-5. Please be praying that God uses the Apostle Paul's writings to show him the dire position he is in!

It wasn't too long later and a conversation was had with Bridget. She was asked what she thought happens after we die and said, "Don't worry, I'm a Catholic". This was followed by asking her, what is she trusting in to get her to Heaven? Her response, without even blinking was, "My good deeds". This time the conversation didn't get far as her bus arrived very quickly. But she was shown that by Jesus' sermon on the mount, that what Jesus has to say about the way to Heaven is that if it is by your goodness, you're in trouble because your righteousness must exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees, in fact you must be perfect as God in Heaven is perfect!

She was then shown God's law, her guilt and the condemnation it brings but didn't get to hear the gospel as her bus arrived.

Without going into any further conversations, the point of raising these three conversations is to show how little most Australian's know about the way to Heaven! People think they know what Christianity is all about, "It's just the same as all the other religions, be a good person and you will go to Heaven". The reality is, there are very few people who actually understand the gospel. Let this be an encouragement to you, making sure to word it correctly so it makes sense, most Australian's have rejected God but not the gospel.

Why not take the opportunity in the lead up to this Easter, to share with your fellow Australian's what God has actually done. You will be surprised at how little people actually know about what Easter is about and you will get to glorify God whilst informing those you care about!

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