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Monday 8 April 2019

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On Monday at Capalaba a team of four assembled again and covered the bus stop with the Gospel. There were many exciting conversations over the course of the afternoon, with many people coming to understand the Gospel.

The first conversation of the afternoon was with a man who said there was no God, when challenged with buildings need a builder analogy he said it made sense but really didn't want to believe it. This was further cemented when he was shown God's law. As the law revealed his guilt, he went straight back to saying there was no God. It was a sad conversation because he preferred to be in denial than to hear the real solution. In the end he ended the conversation by saying that he didn't want to talk about this anymore and was left without a solution.

A following conversation was with Ashton who had heard some different things about God but believed in Heaven and Hell. He though that he would probably go to Heaven because he was a decent guy. He was shown God's law and saw his guilt and was impacted by the reality of it. Then he heard the penalty and was taking it seriously. He proposed all of the things he thought might be able to remove his guilt but none were able to but then he heard the Gospel and said it made sense!

It took a little while from him to grasp the simplicity of the message that it is trusting in Christ alone that saves a sinner and he was able to answer the checking questions correctly. His bus arrived and he wasn't able to stay but said he was thankful for the chat and would think about what was shared.

There were a few other exciting conversations with three other people all who heard, understood and responded positively to the Gospel and were challenged to consider it today. A final conversation of the afternoon was had with a lady named Sophia. She was sitting waiting for her bus and was approached and asked the same question, what do you think happens after we die?

Sophia thought she was good, thought she was heading to Heaven and attends a local Catholic church but for the first time in her life she understood the simple Gospel! She was at first even scared of saying the word Hell but as the conversation flowed she came to understand the importance of acknowledging the reality of judgement as it emphasises the height and depth of God's love in saving sinners.

The moment at which she understood the Gospel for the first time she was overjoyed and let out a little squeak, "I really needed this! It didn't really make sense to me up until now but now it makes sense!" She said that she wanted to trust in Christ!

At this moment she explained that she goes to a local Catholic church but she was challenged to have a read of Romans 3-5, and to come and see what Paul has to say about how someone is made right before God. She was challenged that if she read what Paul had written and believed that he was preaching a grace based Gospel (which he is), she was encouraged then to find a local Christian Church to attend.

Please be praying for those who heard the Gospel today that God would change their lives through the message preached. Please be praying that they would come to a knowledge of the truth and be relying on Christ alone for their salvation!

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