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Friday 12 April 2019

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It has already been 1 year since we began the work of evangelism at Warwick, praise God!

All Glory to God for the opportunities that He continues to bring each week. So many tracts have gone out and each and every conversation has been God's Providence and we rejoice knowing that it all will be used by our merciful loving Holy God.

This week a Christian brother we have had the privilege to build a friendship with his Granddaughter. While he was in conversation with Rick, I heard her saying "it didn't turn orange!!!" Trying to get their attention she kept looking at it wondering why the good person test was not giving her a pass. I was not far away and had been talking with a lady from our church who had stopped by to see how we were going. I said to this young girl that no one will pass the test. This led into a time of sharing the bad news talking about the commandments in which she knew a few and admitted to breaking them. I explained the courtroom analogy. The Gospel was shared using Easter and Christmas to explain the love of God in providing a way to be saved from hell punishment.

The lady from our church was listening in and I pray that she will be encouraged to use Gospel tracts to start off conversations with people where ever she goes. Pray for this young girl as her Granddad follows Jesus she will see her great need to have her sins forgiven to be able to have a right relationship with our Creator God Jesus. It's all His work as we share the good news.

All praise and Glory to Jesus.

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