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Thursday 25 April 2019

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This afternoon the team met for an outreach at Bongaree Jetty.  Two Bibles, a number of Gospels of John, and many Gospel tracts were given out.  People seemed more receptive as the afternoon progressed.  It was a really good afternoon and a great encouragement.

  One gentleman, Blane, went through the Good Person flipchart and said that he had never heard the Gospel before.  He was sincerely thankful for the conversation, and he took a Gospel of John which he promised to read that same night.  He also committed to think seriously about what he had heard.

  A woman stopped at the literature table and asked about the free Bibles.  She wanted to know if she had to donate to get one.  She seemed extremely surprised when she was assured they were completely free. She said she’d been wanting a Bible for a very long time, so she took one, after just checking again that she didn’t actually have to make a donation.

  The children and young people again seemed to be very open and curious.  Two boys heard the Gospel and then came over to the table for more literature.  Three young ladies went through the Good Person flipchart.  They were ‘absolutely good people’, but as they moved through the law, they realized their sinfulness.  They thought that saying sorry was enough to get God’s forgiveness.  As they moved through the Gospel, they heard that since God is a good judge, He cannot overlook or merely forgive sin; He must punish it.  Jesus took that punishment upon His own shoulders, and we must repent and put our faith in Him to be saved.  They were vaguely familiar with that message, since they attended a ‘Christian’ school, but today they received the full Gospel.  Pray that God would move their hearts to see their own need of repentance and faith.

  As we were packing up, a young girl named Ruby came up and looked at our literature table.  One of the helpers engaged with her in a Gospel conversation.  She seemed genuinely interested and listened intently.  She took a Gospel tract and John’s Gospel home with her.  Pray for her conversion.

  Please be in prayer for all those who heard the Gospel this afternoon.  Many were remembering the sacrifice of the ANZAC’s today.  Please pray that their thoughts will be turned to the Ultimate Sacrifice who gave His life for our salvation.  Pray that souls will be saved, and that God’s name will be glorified by the work that was done this afternoon at Bribie Island.


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