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Sunday 28 April 2019

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London Marathon outreach April 28: I went down to the mile 15 point of the London Marathon at Limehouse Station to hand out tracts and preach (non-amplified). Many young and old alike came to cheer on their friends and relatives. The crowd was young and trendy, but there was a good mix of all groups.  Everyone was following their favorite runner with an App that tracked their progress. One man said that he was scientist and I was wasting my time. I argued back about science not being possible without God.  It went a bit back and forth before he turned away when his friends showed up.

Interestingly, I could hand out many £1,000,000 notes to young people from the other major religion. Rashid kindly posed for me for one photo. I got there early to catch the professional ladies running past, but I didn't wait for Mo Farah and co. My only photo of the marathon comes from the platform at Limehouse. I definitely wish to get an outreach team together next year for the London Marathon. I'm close to a city of 10 million with thousands gathering on the weekends for any number of events. I look forward to Bill Adams in June for the Cricket world championships.

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