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Friday 26 April 2019

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At Warwick this week we handed out Anzac tracts and had a few conversations. It was very busy because of the Polo Cross Event running all week so many people received tracts.

Rick spoke with a man who thought he was just going into the ground when he dies and he wants to just enjoy what time he has left in this life. After being challenged about the amazing design in creation and our bodies specifically the eye how complex it is in design and how that could just happen without a designer. Rick took R through the law and brought the Gospel to him. He walked away with saying he was thankful for the discussion and would think about what was said. He took a tract with him.

A couple on scooters stopped and I got to speak with the lady and Rick started a conversation with her husband. S was declaring her faith in Jesus and had the Gospel message and was full of thankfulness for Jesus. She was given contact details to a Church close to her as she has not been attending a Church for some time and said she would like to go. Her husband L didn't know the way to heaven and thought his goodness would probably get him there. Rick made sure he understood sin by taking him through some of the commandments to show our guilt and the great need to have our sins forgiven. The Gospel was shared and we pray for this couple, especially for L that he receive the gift of salvation in Christ Jesus.

I got to share the message with a young teenager who didn't know any commandments but said he puts God first every day. After going through the law with him he did admit he was guilty but said his good out weighed his bad. So then it was explained that any good we do doesn't cancel out the bad things we do and we still have broken God's law. There needs to be payment for sins as justice must be upheld and God is a perfect judge. I used the 'Are you a good person' tract to talk about the courtroom analogy. Hell punishment was explained and that we all deserve Gods punishment. Also I shared how Mr nice guy on the front of the tract has a smile on his face, but by the end of the good person test his face is looking very different as he sees that there is no one good enough to enter heaven.

This is how we need to be to understand our greatest need for what God has done to provide a way of escape. God sent His Son Jesus to live a perfect life in our place. I explained and asked C questions about the Easter message and he did answer a few things correctly. Pray that the Gospel will open C heart to salvation and God's Spirit do the work needed in his life.

Thank you so much for praying.
All Glory to God!

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